International Honeymoon Spots for Different Types of Couples

Are you and your partner history buffs? Or maybe adventure seekers or adrenaline junkies? Are you foodies or romantics? What about fun lovers or beach fans? Or are you the type of people who would prefer a stay-in vacation? Whatever you’re into, we’ve got the perfect honeymoon spots for you! Check out these international honeymoon […]

A Stunning Dust Blue and Gold Wedding in Greece

I can’t wait to share this destination wedding with you, guys! Nikos Gogas‘ sleek snaps are taking you to Mykonos, Greece as we have a look at Kostas and Jelly’s nuptials. Right off the bat, I just gotta say that I fell in love at the sight of those invitations and that table setting–I’ve always […]

A Grecian Glow

Anyone who knows me well enough can tell you that if I could jet set away to ANY place in the world, I would pick the stunning isles of Greece without missing a heartbeat. It’s been on my bucket list for the longest time, and today I’ve got all the more reason to go! You […]