Day of Hearts Giveaway: I Love Koi Swimwear

We at Bride and Breakfast love celebrating love, especially when it’s recognized as a national holiday! It’s that time of the year again when men go the extra mile to get creative and romance their ladies, whether in small or grand sweet gestures. Just this morning a friend shared about a handmade Valentine card he […]

Happiness Giveaway: FREE Wedding Coverage from Francis Perez

To be honest I’ve really been feeling under the weather this past week (thanks to our very fickle weather). So when Monday rolled by, I just wanted to stay in bed and maybe indulge myself with some much needed sleep. But, when I got a message from one of our favorite photographers in B&B, I […]

June Giveaway 1: Love the Heels, Hate the Hassle

Aside from beautiful weddings, another thing that really makes me giddy like a little girl is hearing from our readers. Because we love knowing that the blog helps you in planning for your wedding, we get more encouraged when you tell us how we’ve been a part of the process. Remember how I said June […]