These Heartwarming Confessions of How Brides Found Their “The One” Will Melt Your Heart

Today is Valentine’s Day! Love is undoubtedly in the air, and what better way to celebrate than by sharing heartwarming tales from brides about how they knew they had found their person(s)? From big, romantic surprises to cute little things that mean a lot, our community’s brides have some sweet stories to tell about love and finding ‘the one.’

We posted a few questions on our Instagram page and we loved  the anecdotes in the comments, so we compiled them here  to share with you! Keep reading for some heartwarming flutters!

These Heartwarming Confessions of How Brides Found Their "The One" Will Melt Your Heart

What was the exact moment when you realized he was the one? Was it a grand gesture or a small, everyday action?

We often hear stories about people finding “the one.” Usually, it’s a standout moment that just feels perfect. But other times, it’s a simple, everyday event that might not seem like a big deal to others but ends up being a defining moment for a couple.

I had just moved to a new role at work, which required me to work long hours and second shifts na inaabot ng madaling araw. One Saturday, he fetched me from our house to go on a date. As his passenger princess, I was in charge of music. I borrowed his phone, opened Spotify, tapped on the search bar, and I couldn’t believe what I saw. I asked him, “Babe, nakakatulog ka pa ba? Nahihirapan ka bang matulog?”. He asked me back, “Hindi naman, bakit?”. And so I said, “Eh kasi yung recent searches mo ‘Music to fall asleep’ and ‘Fall into sleep instantly’?” And he told me, “Ah, para sayo yan. Para makabawi ka ng tulog. Plineplay ko yan pag ihahatid na kita pauwi sa inyo, para makatulog ka sa kotse. – Anonymous”

 “I was late on our first date and I said “Sorry I’m late, matagal ka ba naghintay?” His answer was, “Oo 32 years.”

When he accepted and loved all the things about me that all my exes used to hate.

I can’t exactly explain it, but I just knew he was the one the moment he brought me arroz caldo when I said I was craving it during one of my late night study sessions in college. I lived in a dorm near campus and he showed up in the dead of the night to hand me over food, just because he knew how much finals was stressing me out. I guess for me, it was always the little things. It’s when someone knows you enough to know the language of love that you speak (obviously, mine was food!), and he knew when we weren’t exactly a couple yet. We’re married now and I still look back on that one fateful September day fondly.”

In what ways does your significant other show up as your biggest supporter?

In any relationship, it’s great to have a partner who’s always there for you, cheering you on. But how do they do it? Let’s explore some heartwarming stories on how their significant others become their biggest supporters, from the big things they do to the little everyday acts that mean so much.

He takes initiative during the wedding planning! We were both busy at work but on days (and nights) that he was free — he would take the initiative to take care of the wedding planning.”

“Throughout our almost nine-year relationship, he has seen me succeed, fail, succeed again, and then fail again. And in every version that I became, he was the one constant thing that I could always count on to cheer on my wins and be a shoulder to cry on.”

He shows his support to me not just in the season of winning and victories but most especially during the season of my lowest of lows — when life gets tough and you just need someone to lean on and cry on; he is also someone who will understand you and be patient with you; and most especially, he supports me when everything seems so overwhelming  and the only thing he could do is to pray with me.”

What was the most romantic thing your special someone has ever done for you?

We’re talking about those unforgettable moments where your special someone went above and beyond to show their love in the most heartwarming way. Let’s get into these stories of people sharing the most romantic thing their partner has ever done for them, and get ready to be swept off your feet!

There are a lot of things he has done for me that made me feel loved. But now that we just recently got married, the romantic thing he has ever done is helping me with the household chores (if I cook, then he washes the dishes. if I clean the house, he does the laundry), because marriage isn’t just about wife being the helper to her husband but it is also about submitting to each other, helping one another, making sure that you do it together.

“I didn’t exactly grow up in an ideal family (my mother raised my sibling and I alone for most of our lives), and he makes me believe in the movie kind of love. 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. Even when we fight, he never raises his voice at me and walks me through the logic of the bigger picture. He makes me feel most loved on days when I need it the most, and more on days when I don’t even ask for it. He keeps my cup full always, in all ways.”

Biked from QC to Cavite (and back!) just to see me for three hours. This was at the height of COVID.

Stayed with me to look after my mother and helped me take care of her.

Took care of me when I was sick – cooked, cleaned, came up with a made up story so I could sleep.

We truly believe that romance doesn’t always have to be about grand gestures. For some, it’s in the everyday acts of kindness and care. And these stories remind us that love manifests in various forms – sometimes in sweeping gestures, but often in the quiet, everyday moments of understanding, acceptance, and unwavering support.

From all of us here at Bride and Breakfast, Happy Valentine’s Day! May your hearts always find reasons to be happy and loved.

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