Happiness Giveaway: FREE Wedding Coverage from Francis Perez

To be honest I’ve really been feeling under the weather this past week (thanks to our very fickle weather). So when Monday rolled by, I just wanted to stay in bed and maybe indulge myself with some much needed sleep. But, when I got a message from one of our favorite photographers in B&B, I immediately sat up and forgot about hitting the snooze button. This is way more interesting than that shut eye–and believe me that you ought to be paying attention as well. The next three words that will come out of my mouth will be music to any couple’s ears…


“Wait a minute!” you ask yourself, “Did I read that one correctly?!” Yes siree! IT’S FREE! And this is no ordinary giveaway because it’s being generously shared to us by Francis Perez of team Pat Dy, as a way to give back as he celebrates his birthday today. We’ve always been a fan of his work not only because he captured our Japan honeymoon beautifully, but also because he’s one of the sources of the many gorgeous photos you see here at B&B.

So without further ado, here are the simple mechanics:

  1. Click the “Like” button at the bottom of this post and type “I want to win free wedding coverage from Francis Perez & Bride and Breakfast!” in the Facebook status bar.
  2. Email the following information to giveaways {at} brideandbreakfast.ph.
    • Couple’s full names
    • Couple’s picture
    • Wedding date
    • Wedding venue
    • A five to ten-sentence paragraph on the topic: “Why we love our wedding concept”.
      • Example: “We love our garden backyard wedding because we think it’s both stylish and laid back. We will be serving hamburgers, barbeque, some fries, and corn on the cob, so our guests will be loving all the comfort food. Our bridesmaids will be wearing mix-matched dresses and the guys will be in cute bowties. We chose this concept because we want to enjoy the whole wedding with our family and friends as well as celebrate our personalities.”
    • Here’s a tip! We’re looking for a tasteful and stylish wedding, whether it’s a very simple beach wedding or an extravagant ballroom affair–share about style details cause we love ’em!
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Before we go, here’s a photo of Ian and I taken by Francis during our Japan getaway to inspire you!

Photographer: Francis Perez
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