Dos and Don’ts: How to Plan a Cool and Comfortable Summer Wedding

Let’s be real, it’s always summer in the Philippines, and when it comes to outdoor events, it can be both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, you get to have blue skies and perfectly clear views; on the other, the temperatures can sometimes be too much to bear.

Both the heat and humidity require some special considerations to ensure everything goes smoothly. Keeping guest comfort and logistics in mind will help you create a celebration that everyone will remember for all the right reasons.

So, here’s a light and breezy guide to help you navigate the do’s and don’ts of planning your summer wedding in the tropics.

Do's and Don'ts: How to Plan a Cool and Comfortable Summer Wedding

<strong>Do's for Summer Weddings in the Philippines</strong>

<strong>Plan for the Weather</strong>

Choose breathable fabrics like cotton or linen for wedding attire to keep everyone cool. Light colors reflect sunlight and help maintain a lower body temperature. Always have shaded areas or indoor options available for relief from the heat.

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<strong>Choose a Sunset Ceremony</strong>

Schedule your wedding in the late afternoon to use the cooler, golden hours for both comfort and aesthetics. The soft lighting at sunset provides a perfect backdrop for romantic photographs. This timing also allows guests to enjoy the ceremony without the harsh midday sun.

<strong>Hydrate Your Guests</strong>

Set up hydration stations with water and refreshing beverages like iced teas and natural fruit juices. Encourage guests to drink regularly by making drinks easily accessible throughout the venue. Consider offering personalized water bottles as both practical favors and keepsakes.

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<strong>Consider Having Indoor-Outdoor Venues</strong>

You can also opt to choose a venue that offers both air-conditioned indoor areas and beautiful outdoor settings. This combination ensures guests can enjoy the scenery while having a cool escape from the summer heat. You can decorate both spaces in harmony to keep a fluid theme throughout, too.

<strong>Use Local Flowers</strong>

Incorporate local, seasonal flowers that thrive in summer conditions. These flowers not only hold up better in the heat but also add a touch of local charm to your décor. Working with local, seasonal blooms is also more environmentally friendly and often more affordable.

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<strong>Don'ts for Summer Weddings in the Philippines</strong>

<strong>Forget Bug Repellent</strong>

Provide guests with eco-friendly bug repellent sprays or wipes to enhance their comfort, especially during outdoor events. Consider setting up stations with repellents or incorporating them into welcome bags. This thoughtful gesture helps ensure that pesky mosquitoes don’t distract from the festivities.

<strong>Skimp on Cooling Systems</strong>

If natural breezes are insufficient, invest in high-quality portable air conditioners or large fans to circulate air efficiently. Make sure cooling devices or fans are strategically placed to benefit all guests, especially in key areas like dining and dancing spots. Adequate cooling systems are crucial for guest comfort during peak heat.

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<strong>Serve Heavy Meals</strong>

Opt for light and refreshing menu options that won’t weigh guests down in the heat. Focus on fresh ingredients like seafood, grilled vegetables, and fruits. Serving smaller, well-spaced courses can also keep guests comfortable and satisfied throughout the event.

<strong>Ignore Timing</strong>

Avoid scheduling important ceremonies during the hottest part of the day, typically between noon and 3 PM. Planning activities during cooler parts of the day ensures that both guests and the wedding party can enjoy every moment without the discomfort of excessive heat. This thoughtful scheduling contributes significantly to the overall success and enjoyment of your special day.

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<strong>Overlook Backup Plans</strong>

Always have a plan B for sudden weather changes, which are common during Philippine summers. Whether it’s unexpected rain or extreme heat, preparedness with alternative indoor venues or protective gear like umbrellas and canopies ensures the celebration continues smoothly. Communicate these plans clearly with your vendors and guests beforehand.

With summer weddings, remember to keep your cool, prioritize the comfort of your guests, and most importantly, soak in every moment of your sun-kissed special day. Here’s to a truly radiant wedding experience, filled with joy and devoid of stress!

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