Wedding Trends I’m Actually Doing as a December 2023 Bride

Lately, there’s been a noticeable shift in the wedding landscape. Gone are the days when couples followed traditional norms to the tee. Instead, we’re seeing a trend in personalization and small, individual touches that make the day truly unique and special. I’m guilty of riding this trend, too, as a December 2023 bride.

I would also say that being a Bride and Breakfast writer has truly been an advantage in my wedding planning journey. Immersed daily in wedding concepts and inspirations, I found it so much easier to discern elements that align and truly fit my personal style, vision, and unique story.

And like many modern brides, I’m infusing my wedding day with distinctive touches that not only reflect my personal style, but also narrate the unique journey my partner and I have shared together. I’ve shared a few of those below, so keep reading if you’d like to know more!

Wedding Trends I'm Actually Doing as a December 2023 Bride

Embracing an Unplugged Ceremony

We’re having our ceremony in a revered church setting, and to preserve its sanctity, we’ll be making a heartfelt request to our guests: to keep their phones tucked away. This is more than just a rule—it’s an invitation to genuinely experience and connect with the profound moments of our marriage.

Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses

Every individual has a unique style, and I want my bridesmaids to showcase theirs. By giving them a thematic guideline, I’m allowing them the freedom to choose dresses they love and would wear again, rather than giving them a dress that’ll only be worn once. It’s really about feeling good and being comfortable while celebrating alongside us!

A No-Program Reception

Traditionally, there’s a set sequence of events at wedding receptions, but we’re shaking things up. Post our couple entrance, we’ll dive straight into our first dance, followed by the cake cutting and a meaningful toast. The night will then be filled with interactive games, ensuring our guests are engaged and entertained.

A Wedding With No Flowers

Cue the gasps! Our wedding invites do have flower designs, but our actual celebration will highlight the beauty of greenery and twigs. I’ve always loved the simple look of leaves. So, we picked a garden for our venue and I’ll have a bouquet made just from leaves. To be honest, I just can’t justify spending thousands of pesos on flowers that’ll wilt in just a few days after the ceremony. Plus, I think that leaves bring just as much calm and a natural feel to our special day.

A Private First Look

Before the busy activities of our wedding start, my partner and I want to have a quiet moment together, just the two of us. It’s a chance for us to think about all the times we’ve shared and to remember why we’re getting married in the first place. We believe this personal time will help us appreciate the real meaning of our wedding day even more. And, I think it’s a special way for us to connect and prepare for the big event ahead.

Candles Everywhere!

Combining my love for candle-making with our special day and the idea that we’re not having flowers, I’ve created a collection of scented candles to decorate our tables instead. These candles come in different sizes and are placed in various colored glass containers. They won’t just add a romantic glow to the venue, they’re also designed to be extra souvenirs that our guests can take home.

A Grazing Table With a Twist

We’re veering away from the traditional cheese and cold cuts table, making room for delectable Filipino snacks such as cheese sticks, fishballs, kakanin, and the likes. It’s a nostalgic nod to our roots and a delicious treat we’re certain our guests will relish.

An Experiential Souvenir Section

To give our guests a unique and memorable experience, we’ve decided to include a DIY Perfume Bar at our wedding. Since I enjoy making perfumes, I’ve prepared a variety of different scents in advance. At the bar, guests will have the chance to mix and match these aromas to create their very own personal perfume. This allows them not only to have fun experimenting, but also to take home a special fragrance that will remind them of our wedding day.

By adding these special touches to our wedding, I’m so excited to make an event that’s not just on-trend, but also truly captures the amazing journey we’ve been on and who we are as a couple. I can’t wait for everyone to see and feel the love and thought we’ve poured into every detail!

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