How to Simplify the Journey to “I Do”

Let’s face it–weddings are nearly synonymous with meticulous planning, overwhelming details, and stress. When the engagement bliss starts to settle and the wedding preps begin, most couples are surprised with a seemingly endless to-do list. Even the most level-headed people may easily become consumed by the process, what with picking the ideal venue, finding a caterer, making countless selections, and more.

I’ve had a lot of friends who got engaged over the past year, and most of them are still in the process of planning their own weddings. I remember one of them asking for recommendations on a bunch of things, like a florist, a caterer, a stylist, and so on. She quickly got so stressed trying to juggle several suppliers, in spite of having a wedding planner. At the end of the day, wedding planning really does take a toll on any couple, but there is a workaround for those who want a relatively more “chill” and “smooth” planning experience. What’s that, you might ask? Keep reading!

How to Simplify the Journey to I Do

Find a Supplier That Offers End-to-End Wedding Services
Okay, so it’s not some big secret and there’s no magical formula in having a stress-free wedding. But this is the exact dilemma that suppliers these days have been trying to address. End-to-end wedding packages are by no means new, but we have seen some major improvements to such services over the past couple of years.

So let’s paint a picture and say that you want an all-in wedding package in the city. Grand Hyatt Manila recently launched Grand Weddings, their end-to-end wedding service that’s committed to helping couples plan their dream weddings from ideation to curation, to planning to styling to coordination, all the way to the big day.

A Bespoke Wedding Just For You

Now I know what you’re probably thinking, “But don’t most all-in-one packages offer little flexibility in customization?” And you’d be right to assume so. The trick is to find a supplier who will get to know you as a couple–your likes, your preferences, your vision–but who will also go the extra mile to make sure that it’s a bespoke wedding tailored to all that.

Grand Hyatt’s Grand Weddings package showcases their renowned service. Their event specialists help you choose the ideal venue, while their culinary team customizes a menu, drinks, and wedding cake. Live entertainment options are also included. And, Grand Hyatt excels in meticulous floral styling and table setups, offering personalized looks for a unique experience. Whether it’s the timeless elegance of classic white, the charming warmth of rustic, or the delicate hues of pastel, Grand Hyatt ensures that each table is adorned with meticulous care.

A Venue That Reflects Your Story

One of the biggest decisions you’ll make for your wedding is the venue, particularly for the reception. It is more than just a physical space; it sets the stage for the emotions and memories that will be created on that day.

When availing of end-to-end packages, you needn’t settle for a venue that you’re not entirely happy with. The cool thing about Grand Weddings is that couples can choose among the hotel’s many venues. There’s the Grand Ballroom (1,190 sqm), which has floor-to-ceiling windows and a show kitchen. There’s also the Garden Pavilion, with a deck showcasing views of the city and an indoor and outdoor deck.

I’m quite taken with the Penthouse, though, which is a relatively intimate space on the 66th floor. It comes with two dining rooms, two kitchens, and jaw-dropping 360-degree views of the city. Personally, I love venues with city views because the lights in the background come alive and glimmer at night.

The style and look of the Penthouse was carefully thought out to create an atmosphere of luxury and class. It also has a flexible floor plan that makes it easy to plan artistic events and move easily from one part to another.

The Foundation for a Flawless Celebration

A struggle that a lot of couples often find themselves facing with their wedding planner is when they’re usually left out of the loop. I’ve had so many friends who were surprised to find out about hiccups in their wedding, ones that could’ve been avoided had they been informed right away.

Which is why I think that in planning a wedding, finding trustworthy and reliable wedding suppliers is super important. It’s also one of the things that Grand Weddings aims to help couples with. They, too, believe that being transparent and honest with their clients is one way to keep the wedding stress-free and seamless.

We have to give credit to their in-house team of skilled florists, event specialists, culinary team, and more. What distinguishes them is their unparalleled service and attentiveness, ensuring that every guest is treated like royalty throughout the event.

Our utmost goal is to make our clients’ special day stress-free and truly memorable,” shared Gottfried Bogensperger, AVP and General Manager of Grand Hyatt Manila. “We firmly believe that honesty and cooperation are the pillars of a successful partnership. We try to build trust with our clients by being transparent in terms of our services, prices, and abilities. We’re dedicated to working with them hand in hand, talking openly about what they want, addressing their concerns, and making sure their big day goes smoothly and makes them happy.

And there you go! The wedding planning process becomes even more delightful with the right team by your side. Working with a team of committed professionals who share your vision and understand what you want can really help you achieve a hassle-free wedding.

And if you want to avail of the Grand Weddings service by Grand Hyatt, you may call +632 8838 1234, email, or request a proposal through the website here.

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