These Brides Dish on Their Dream Wedding Planning Journey

Embarking on the journey of planning a wedding is a thrilling yet intricate process. Every bride envisions a flawless and unforgettable path leading up to their special day. But as weddings have evolved over time, so too have the expectations and desires of brides. From the mode of communication with suppliers to the level of personalization in decor, each aspect contributes to the overall planning experience. We asked three brides from our community–Treszka, Abby, and Kyla–who graciously shared their perspectives on a range of topics, shedding light on what truly matters to them throughout the process.

These Brides Dish on Their Dream Wedding Planning Journey

A Blend of Digital Efficiency and Personal Touch

One of the crucial decisions during wedding planning is choosing between video call meetings or in-person meetings with suppliers. Treszka shared her thoughts on the matter, “I think it depends! There are meetings that would be more efficient online, but if it’s for food tasting, dress fitting, events coordination, and venue, I think it’s best in-person!” She highlighted the importance of being physically present for key aspects of the planning process, where face-to-face interactions and sensory experiences make a significant difference.

Abby, however, leaned towards the convenience of video call meetings during the early stages of planning. “When we were still looking for suppliers online and asking for their rate cards, some suppliers asked for video call meetings to discuss what they offer and manage expectations. I only encountered an ‘in-person meeting’ when we attended wedding fairs. Personally, the convenience of online meetings, especially during the initial planning, is sufficient,” she explained.

Meanwhile, Kyla preferred a mix of both. “I think there are meetings that can be done online, but others would be much more productive in-person. This goes for my case, because I’m planning a destination wedding and my coordinator is not based in Manila. So really, we have to conduct a lot of the planning virtually.

Sincerity, Reliability, and Good Reviews

Beyond the skills and expertise of wedding suppliers, brides like Treszka value sincerity and pleasantness. She emphasized, “It really matters to me that they’re sincere and pleasant to work with. That even if they already worked with lots of brides before, they’d still treat me and my wedding with care and proper attention.” Abby, on the other hand, stressed the importance of referrals and reviews. “It is important for me to be referred to suppliers by friends/family members. Reading reviews from past clients is also vital when we were choosing our suppliers for the big day.” And for Kyla, it’s as simple as having someone reliable and easy to talk to. “I hear a lot of horror stories where suppliers suddenly ghost the couple, so I really take my time researching and interviewing them.

Supplier Support and Easy Communication

The role of suppliers in shaping the wedding planning experience is paramount. Treszka stressed the importance of suppliers demonstrating expertise and taking ownership of their roles. She advised, “Show me you’re the expert and take ownership of your role. Be the one chasing me instead of having me chase you. Give me updates without having to ask for it, no matter how small. And genuinely care about me, my groom, and our wedding day.

Abby highlighted the significance of clear communication and attention to detail. “To not get tired of answering questions, to give a detailed list of the inclusions of their packages/rates,” she emphasized. Abby’s perspective also underscores the need for suppliers to understand the emotional significance of the wedding day for the couple and to provide comprehensive information to alleviate any uncertainties.

On a similar note, Kyla shared that keeping an open line of communication is key. “Once we book a supplier, part of our expectations is that they’ll keep us updated. We don’t like to micromanage, which is why we chose suppliers that we trust will deliver. Also, we always refer them to our coordinator, and she’s the one who keeps everyone in line. It’s just much easier for us that way.”

A Hassle-Free Wedding Planning Experience

Treszka shared her desire for an easy and stress-free experience, saying, “I’d love for it to feel as easy as possible, having a clear picture of what to expect and having no surprises.” She also highlighted the importance of having a reliable team to support her throughout the process. Treszka added, “For example, the dress. If I get a designer, I don’t want to have to consistently check in on the status of the dress or mind the small details. I’d love for her to have everything under control.

Meanwhile, Kyla prefers a fuss-free planning journey. “We made sure to book all big ticket suppliers way ahead, so that we can plan the wedding with as little stress as possible later on. We also hold monthly check-ins to make sure that we’re following a good timeline and that we’re not missing anything.

Celebrating with Loved Ones, Big or Small

When it comes to the size of the wedding, preferences vary. Treszka leaned towards an intimate celebration, explaining, “Although I’m tempted to invite every special person in our lives, our priority is set on enjoying the moment together and with family. Not having to entertain a lot of people. Keeping everyone involved and connected.” Abby, however, embraced the idea of a larger gathering due to having a big family. “Having a big family eliminates the option to have an intimate wedding. Once in a lifetime events are best celebrated with a big one,” she humorously shared. Kyla also prefers a small, intimate wedding. “As small as possible, because we really want everyone to know everyone.

Eco-Consciousness and Personalized Decor

In the realm of wedding details, eco-consciousness and personalized decor play a role. Treszka opted for personalized decor that reflects the couple’s personalities. She also mentioned the idea of incorporating eco-conscious elements, stating, “It would even be best if we could take some decor pieces home and add them as an aesthetic and memorable piece in our home. So I guess that’s a mix of eco-conscious and personalized?” Abby resonated with the eco-conscious approach, mentioning minimal decor and personalized gifts for their guests. “Yes to minimal decor and eco-conscious details. We look for gifts that will be useful for our guests but also personalized by us for them,” she shared.

Kyla also leaned towards an eco-friendly approach, specifically requesting for functional and practical items on her special day, “I asked my stylist for dried leaves, no fresh flowers, reusable items, and anything that wouldn’t entail the use of plastics.”

In hindsight, the wedding planning journey is a deeply personal and transformative experience for every bride. How about you? What’s your ideal wedding planning journey like? Tell us in the comments!

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