Beautiful Flower Centerpieces That Your Guests Will Love Looking At

Imagine your guests entering the reception venue and approaching their tables. What is the first thing they will see? Your tablescape! Specifically the centerpieces like floral arrangements. You might think this is a minor detail, but hear us out! Floral arrangements and centerpieces add lovely details to your venue and bring your wedding theme to life. Your table decor will also be in front of your guests all throughout the reception. So, you’ll want something that will strike their attention.

Here’s a little something for your wedding mood board! We rounded up some beautiful reception floral arrangements and centerpieces for your inspiration. Keep reading to take a look!

Classic Low Floral Centerpiece

If you love classic, this low floral centerpiece has just the right amount of elegance that will leave your guests impressed. A simple arrangement of roses and greens at the center of your table is enthralling at that.

Photographer: Jose Alvarado Photography / Real Weddings: This Filipiniana Wedding in California is Home Away from Home

Cascading Flowers

Did you say romantic? There’s no better way to pull it off than having lush centerpieces which include cascading flowers! Look at how this table arrangement has a combination of roses, baby’s breath, and orchid flowers—aren’t they charming? I’d say they give us a French country house vibe that is covered in flowering vines. Now that is romantic!

Photographer: The Daydreamer Studios / Real Weddings: This Couple Received One Million Pesos as a Wedding Gift!

Statement Bougainvilleas

Picking one color for your floral arrangement is a great idea, too! This all-bougainvillea arrangement in fuchsia definitely makes a statement, and the bold color sure attracts everyone who is seated right in front of it. It instantly lifts one’s mood, something that the entirety of a wedding will make you feel.

Photographer: Regina Roque / Real Weddings: From Neighbors to Newlyweds: A Beautiful and Intimate Celebration at Home

Not a fan of big arrangements? You can still make a standout reception table by arranging small or single-piece blooms in clear bud vases. It’s simple yet definitely stylish, just as how you like it.

Photographer: Mico Studio / Real Weddings: A Chic Minimalist Wedding That Reflects The Couple’s Chill Personality

How about adding pops of color to your garden wedding? Be even more creative by arranging them in baskets. There’s no doubt your guests will enjoy themselves a sight of a variety of flowers whilst seated for the reception.

Photographer: Studio28 Creatives / Real Weddings: Fresh Citrus Fruits Add Color to This Wedding!

We love a balance of glam and minimalism. Baby’s breath is usually partnered with other flowers, but guess what, it can stand out on its own! Look at this beautiful arrangement that is made even classier with clear glass candelabras.

Photographer: Nice Print Photo / Real Weddings: This Enchanting Indoor Garden Wedding Looks Like a Romantic Fairytale Scene!
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