Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Your Ninongs and Ninangs!

Thinking of ways to show your love and appreciation to your principal sponsors? These people you look up to play an important role not just in your wedding but in your married life. So, let your ninongs and ninangs know that you’re grateful to them by giving them thoughtful gifts that they can actually use. Here are some practical gift ideas we’ve got for you!

Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Your Ninongs and Ninangs

Loose Tea 

Give your ninongs and ninangs a different tea experience by gifting them loose tea from Tealchemy. It does not come in a tea bag, so it has more flavor and aroma that they’re going to love for every time they take a sip!

Photo from @tealchemy_ph

French Coffee Press

Let your ninongs and ninangs enjoy a rich and flavorful cup of coffee by giving them French press from Hampersgiftsph! The pressure from the French press captures the strong flavor of the coffee. It’s something they can use for their daily coffee fix.

Photo from @hampergiftsph

Resin Tray

You can never go wrong with this resin tray from Thingamabob Shop. It’s useful and versatile so it will definitely be an impressive gift for your principal sponsors. It can be used as a tray for food, magazines, and even your accessories!

Photo from


These coasters from Krete make a good gift for your ninongs and ninangs. They can use it to hold their drink and protect the table underneath it. Plus, they come in different designs which they’ll love too!

Photo from @kretemanila

Scented Candle

Add some fragrance to your ninongs’ and ninangs’ relaxation night by giving them scented candles from Lumi Candles. Lighting them at night also helps relieve their stress and puts them in a good mood.

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Inabel Blanket

Another gift option for you is Inabel La Union’s handwoven blanket. They are locally made by our weavers from Ilocos. So imagine, you’re giving your ninongs and ninangs cozy gifts while supporting our very own!

Photo from @inabellaunion

Linen Spray

Munimuni Candles’ linen spray is an underrated gift item that surely your ninongs and ninangs will love. Not only is it a practical gift but also a very thoughtful one, too. They’re definitely going to have a good sleep with their bedsheets smelling fresh!

Photo from @munimunicandles

Succulent Plant

No need for your ninongs and ninangs to be ‘plantitos’ or ‘plantitas’ to keep a plant! These succulents from Succulents PH can be placed in the corner of their homes. One of the benefits of keeping them is improved quality of the air, and it’s a good thing that they’re also low maintenance!

Photo from @succulentsph

Wooden Wall Clock

Oh, the gift of time—it’s precious and significant. Show your principal sponsors that you value their presence by giving them a wooden wall clock from Treen Manila. You can also personalize it by having it engraved with your favorite Bible verse or your initials.

Photo from @treenmanila

Hand Painted Portrait

Here’s a rather unique gift idea for your VIPs! A hand painted portrait of them in a wood frame from Artelier by gilmarieg is a beautiful piece that they can hang on their walls. They’ll also love that it’s exclusively made for them!

Photo from @artelierbygilmarieg



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