These Experiences Can Be Memorable Gifts for Your Soon-to-Be

The gift giving season is drawing near, and maybe your wedding is, too. So, you’re probably thinking of an epic gift to surprise your soon-to-be spouse, right? Apart from material items like watches, clothes, or jewelry, another lasting and meaningful gift would be experiences! Memories you create out of experiences are priceless, and they become stories you can fondly share with each other and your loved ones. Experiences also allow you to dig deeper into what the other enjoys doing, and discover something new together. Are you ready to give the most awesome gift? Here’s a list of ideas for you!

These Experiences Can Be Memorable Gifts for Your Soon-to-Be

Visit Art Museums
If you love places that are picturesque, and where you can take couples pics in almost every corner, art museums are for you. If you happen to be art enthusiasts yourselves, what experience could be better than admiring the displays and exhibits at a local museum?

Spend the Day at a Theme Park
When the thrill of riding roller coasters is your thing, then a trip to the theme park it is. Experience all the rides together, even the ones that scare you (you’ll have a hand to hold anyway!), and indulge in all the sugary snacks!

Score Tickets to a Concert or Musical
If you’re both music aficionados or theater fans, stay updated about the latest performances that will be staged in the Philippines. Maybe your SO’s favorite band is coming over, so why not give a huge surprise by scoring tickets (for good seats, if you can). There’s just something so romantic about enjoying music together, don’t you agree? Your soon-to-be will definitely be excited and grateful!

Take a Yoga Class
For the couple who loves to work out together, why not try a yoga class? There are different kinds of yoga classes to choose from, each catering to beginners up to more advanced practitioners. It will help you find your calm amidst all the wedding planning stress, too!

Sign-up for a Pottery or Painting Workshop
Even if you aren’t skilled potters or painters, you can still have fun trying out a pottery or painting workshop. You can even keep your creations as keepsakes, maybe as decorative items for your new home. A special piece that you made together by hand! And who knows? It could be a new skill unlocked.

Enjoy a Wine Tasting Session
If you’re the type of couple who loves to sit back with a glass of wine and a cheese board, go for a wine tasting session. You’ll get to discover labels you haven’t tried and ones you might not easily find on supermarket shelves. This is a chance to widen your knowledge about wine together, and to share a cool hobby!

Have a Spa Day
The bride and groom deserves rest and relaxation, no doubt about it. Surprise your soon-to-be with a spa day. Go all out with couple massages, and facials. It may even help you look and feel your best for the wedding day.

Plan a Fancy Dinner
We’re talking about fine dining, and full course meals. If you can reserve an area where you can have privacy, then that would make the date more romantic. Maybe there’s a restaurant you’ve both been wanting to try, and have been daydreaming about on social media. Make that dream come true now! It’s also a great excuse to dress up and feel fancy for a night.

Book a Villa or Airbnb for a Weekend
Book a stay in a cabin for two or find an airbnb with a breathtaking view of the mountains. A short getaway could be just what you need to put the biggest smile on your SO’s face. And isn’t it just so amazing being able to spend quiet time alone together before or after the flurry of your big day?

Take a Ballroom Dancing Class
This is your sign to take a dance class if you haven’t already! It’s never too late to learn how to dance, and this is a skill you can use for your wedding day. Even if you’re not having a choreographed first dance number, a dance class will at least boost your confidence and help you feel comfortable moving your body. Plus, it’s just simply so heartwarming to take each other’s hands and glide together in a waltz!

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