You’re Three Months Engaged, Here’s What You Need to Do Next!

Recently got engaged? Congratulations, soon-to-be brides! Go savor that moment and celebrate your milestone as a couple. Soon after breaking the news to your loved ones, you’re going to enter the period of wedding planning. What should you expect to do next? How do you begin? We know what you’re thinking, so we’ve written about the six important things you need to check off your list soon as you can for a smooth planning journey ahead. Read on.

You're Three Months Engaged! Here's What You Need to Do Next

Pick a Date for Your Wedding

Before you get started with your planning, it’s best that you already pick a date for your wedding. Whether it’s going to be in six months or two years, knowing the date will be the key starting point to see where you are heading next. If you’re having a hard time deciding on a date, we’ve actually written about it to help you plan it out.

Set a Wedding Budget and List Your Priorities

You probably have envisioned your wedding day from the moment you got engaged. In order for that vision to come to life, you have to set a wedding budget to determine how much you are willing to spend for your event. You might need a day or two to discuss which part of your wedding you’re going to invest the most. Be realistic. Sometimes you would even need the additional help of your family, and if they’re willing, then that’s great!

Choose Your Bridal Party

While you’re still at the early stage of planning, it’s time to choose your bridal party already. Who will be the maid of honor and best man? How many will be your bridesmaids? Are they equal to the number of groomsmen? Also make sure to keep your bridal party involved in your planning and that they are there to assist you on your wedding day.

Create a Wedding Checklist and Timeline

When you’re ready to go into the nitty-gritty part of being engaged, start with creating a wedding checklist and a timeline. What do you need to put in your wedding invites? When do you target to buy your wedding bands? These are the type of questions you ask yourselves as a couple to know the things you need to accomplish according to priority.

Book Your Non-Negotiable Suppliers

Start booking your photographer, videographer, caterer, event stylist, and other major suppliers for your wedding day. It also helps if you book a wedding coordinator to help you keep in touch with the vendors and ease your load as you have other important tasks that will need your attention early on. If you’re still aren’t aware, there are actually different types of coordination that you can choose to avail.

Book a Venue Ahead of Time

If you’re planning to set your wedding day during the peak season, it’s important that you decide on your venue and book it early on. Sometimes, six months before the wedding is already too late. So it’s best to prioritize it.

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