Your Groom’s Guide to Your Dream Engagement Ring!

You’ve been dating for a while and you just know in your heart what the next stage in your relationship is! Your partner is probably dropping hints about proposing soon! While the thought makes you blush with excitement, you also think of the ring. How do you give him your own hints? And how do you nudge him in the right direction towards your dream engagement ring? From finding out your ring size to knowing the design you want, here are some tips. Read on!

Your Groom's Guide to Your Dream Engagement Ring

<strong>The Correct Ring Size</strong>
Accuracy is key here. Of course you want the ring to fit and to make sure it’s snug enough. If you want to help your soon-to-be groom out, just give him a ring you wear often as a sample. If you’re still unsure about your ring size, you can download printable ring sizers online to measure your ring finger. But take note that the more reliable measuring tools are provided by jewelers.

<strong>The Stone You Want</strong>
The diamond is most synonymous to engagement rings, but there are brides who prefer other gem stones such as their birthstones. It’s important to take note of what hero stone (the stone set at the center of the ring) you really want. A ruby, sapphire, or emerald may have more significance to you than a diamond. Gem stones also come in different colors so it’s good to determine what you like.

<strong>The Metal You Prefer</strong>
There are different types of metals used in jewelry making such as Platinum, Gold, and Silver. Brides may have preferences based on durability, color, pricing, and what matches the jewelry you already have. If you are more inclined towards gold, it’s best to specify the gold tone as well — yellow, rose, or white. You may feel that a particular color suits your skin tone more or you might want something you find wearable everyday. There are also brides who love having a combination of gold tones. So, don’t be shy and tell your partner about this!

<strong>The Jeweler of Your Choice, If Any</strong>
I used to manage social media for a jewelry brand, and we’ve had clients who were referred to us by their girlfriends. Seriously, their girlfriends send them our posts directly to say that we are the jewelry brand they prefer. One client even booked the engagement ring consultation herself for her boyfriend. Honestly, that’s quite helpful! If you have a preferred jeweler, then you can introduce the brand to your partner so they can coordinate right away instead of spending a lot of time browsing stores and social media pages. There are lots of choices out there. Narrowing it down for your partner makes finding your dream ring a little less stressful.

<strong>The Additional Customization You Would Appreciate</strong>
There are lots of ways to customize and personalize your engagement ring. You might want an engraving of a significant date, like your anniversary. You might also want further details added to make your engagement ring more symbolic whether those are stones, design patterns, typography, and more. If a fully customized engagement ring is what you really want, then talk to your partner about this so he can properly relay your preferences to the jeweler.

<strong>The Possible Design of the Wedding Rings</strong>
This will require you to think ahead, but the possible design of the wedding rings is good to consider early on. Just have some options saved even if they’re not final yet. After getting engaged, it’s common for couples to consider how the wedding ring will stack or merge with the engagement ring. Will it be seamless and easy to wear? These are considerations you will think of as you are planning the wedding and finalizing all the details. We recommend giving your partner ideas about wedding ring designs so it will be easier to match the engagement ring later on.

If you need more wedding jewelry tips, check out our article about questions you should ask your jeweler. Let us know if this guide helps out your partners, brides-to-be!

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