Every Single Question You Need to Ask Your Jeweler

In weddings, it’s often the smallest details that speak the loudest. Take the rings or wedding bands, for example. Many couples pay close attention to these details because these are their keepsakes from the wedding and the symbol of their lifetime commitment to each other.

Choosing the ring is a whole chapter in the wedding planning process altogether. Just like the other wedding details, it’s best for the rings to reflect the couple’s love story and personality. Soon-to-wed couples nowadays live in exciting times as they have more options to customize or personalize their wedding bands!

But how do you ensure your jeweler delivers your vision? How do you guarantee a smooth transaction even if you just communicate with your jeweler online? How do you keep your rings in pristine condition years after the wedding?

Here is your quick guide to every single question you should ask your jeweler!

Every Single Question You Need to Ask Your Jeweler

About Their Process
Just like wedding attire, wedding rings undergo a creative process. Before you and your fiancé declare that the pair in front of you is “The One,” the rings need to look and fit perfectly! Your jeweler is to your rings as your designer is to your attire, so don’t hesitate to ask them the following questions:

  • How do you conceptualize your designs? Will you consider our ideas for customization?
  • What are some customization services that you offer?
  • What are your suggestions to make our vision much better?
  • What should we know about your entire process? Can you give us an idea what it’s like working with you from consultation to production?
  • (For couples abroad) How will you take our ring sizes?

About Lead Time and Terms of Payment
Alongside the creative should be the practical. After all, the production would not progress if a down payment is not made, and the whole creative process would be in vain if the rings won’t make it on your big day! Does your jeweler also offer flexible terms of payment? To know more about these, don’t forget to ask these questions!

  • How many weeks/months does your process take?
  • What are your terms of payment?
  • What modes of payment do you accept?

About Materials
Knowing the materials will help you understand why your rings are priced the way they do. Having a comparison of metals and stones will also give you a better idea which fits your budget and your personal preferences or aesthetic. Remember, you’re going to wear the rings a lot longer than you will wear your wedding attire! So, it’s just proper that you know the answers to these questions:

  • What are the rings made out of? 
  • What metals are available? Gold, silver, platinum?
  • Can you source our preferred stones for us? 
  • Where do you source your materials?

About Jewelry Care Tips
As if we haven’t emphasized enough, your wedding rings or bands will stay with you for the rest of your lives. They can even be a family heirloom, for all you know! It’s important to learn from your jeweler how you can best take care of them so you can also get the most out of the budget you allotted for them! For care tips, here are the questions you need to ask:

  • Where and in what conditions should we properly store our rings?
  • Do you offer cleaning services?
  • Do you offer warranties?
  • Will you be able to resize or redesign our rings after the wedding, if needed?
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