Useful Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love in 2022!

Giving away wedding favors is a thoughtful gesture for your guests to remember your special day by. Since you’re allotting a budget for it, you’d want your guests to enjoy it instead of leave in, right? Here’s a list of keepsakes you can consider. Tip: Think of your wedding theme, and personal preferences when deciding!

Useful Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love in 2022!

Scents and Soaps
Here’s a useful option! Handcrafted soaps are not only impressive, but your guests will definitely be able to use these for a while. The same goes for scents which can be in the form of candles, liquid hand soaps, body wash, or perfume. Think of your wedding theme and try to find a matching scent! If you’re having a summer wedding, go for fresh notes of citrus. For something more relaxing, you and your loved ones would enjoy lavender and eucalyptus.

Seed Packets
Have you also taken up the hobby of gardening? Share the love of growing plants with your guests by giving away seed packets. Encourage others to grow their own vegetables or plant babies at home! There’s also such a thing as plantable seed paper, so you could send-off your guests with thank you notes along with seedlings.

Pocket Hand Sanitizers
Hand sanitizers are growing in popularity as wedding favors and we all know why! There’s lots of skin-friendly pocket hand sanitizers you can choose from and they also come in refreshing scents. This would be a thoughtful token for your guests, because it’s definitely a necessity nowadays.

Face Masks
To accompany pocket hand sanitizers, you can also include face masks. To make this more wedding-themed, consider good quality face masks with multiple layers. You can buy face masks in bulk, and package them in a beautiful way to match your wedding aesthetic. If you have room in your budget, you might want to give your bridesmaids cloth face masks that complement their dresses!

Have you seen the coffee-themed weddings we’ve featured? If you’re also a coffee-loving couple, wouldn’t it be a great idea to treat your guests to your favorite blend? You could even curate a special mix of coffee beverages for your wedding and send your guests home with bags of your favorite pick-me-up. They will surely remember how awesome your wedding was every time they make a cuppa!

Specialty from Your Destination
A destination wedding is a great opportunity to support local products. If you’re having your wedding out of town, check out the locale’s specialty – delicacies, handmade crafts, and more. Don’t shy away from local produce, because your guests will surely appreciate authentic giveaways! Supporting local businesses makes your wedding day extra meaningful, too.

Keepsake Items
Think of items that can serve as memorabilia! You can opt for wooden coasters with an engraving of your wedding monogram, bottle openers, decorative ornaments, luggage tags, scented candles, and the like. You can make these thematic according to your color motif or wedding theme as well. They don’t necessarily have to be the most practical, but they are surely worth keeping!

Mini Wine Bottles with Personalized Labels
Another classy option for wedding favors would be mini wine bottles or if you want to go all out, a cocktail kit! Make it more personalized by applying a label featuring your wedding logo. We also recommend this as a special token for your principal sponsors!

Hot Chocolate Kit
Who wouldn’t love such a comforting treat? You can go for something simple but adorable such as hot cocoa ingredients inside a mason jar or be fancier with a full-blown gift set containing artisanal chocolate mixes.

Late Night Snacks
Instead of giving away items for your guests to take home, you can reallocate your wedding favor budget to elevate the party experience!  Book food carts for donuts, french fries, coffee, cocktails, ice cream, or simply anything that your guests will enjoy indulging in at the latter part of your program or throughout the reception. It’s a fun treat that can take the place of giveaway items!

No matter what you decide to give, your guests will surely appreciate it from the bottom of their hearts! Which of these options interests you the most? Let us know!

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