Find Out What Type of Bride You Are Based on Your MBTI!

You’ve probably heard of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)–the very detailed personality test that helps you understand why you do what you do and why you prefer one choice over the other. Today, we’re using it to find out what kind of bride you are and what choices you’re most likely to pick based on your personality. Sounds fun? Read on and let us know if the details actually match!

The ESTP and ESFP personality types are known to be practical, resourceful, and can think on their feet. You love living in the moment, and are not exactly the kind of person who plans ahead. You go with the flow and what feels right to you at present, so you probably won’t schedule a hair and makeup test nor prepare a choreographed first dance number. Your wedding will be about having a good time, and partying all-night long.

Wedding Theme: A Night to Remember
For the fun and spontaneous brides, we think your choice of venues would be some of the world’s best bars or the trendiest beach destinations. You’re aiming for one epic party, of course! You’re not a fan of heavily planned and detailed programs; you want your reception party to be full of good food, booze, and dancing!

Photographer: Rock Paper Scissors Photography / Real Weddings: This Couple’s Wedding Plans Were Fun Like Friday Night

Wedding Dress: Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle!
A fully embellished ballgown for the ceremony will make you feel at your most radiant. Then, you’ll probably switch to a shorter and flirtier number for the reception. You’re a bride who doesn’t shy away from the hottest styles!

Photographer: Mayad / Real Weddings: This Bride Wore Two Glitzy and Glamorous Wedding Dresses

Honeymoon: Exploring Cities
New York, Las Vegas, Singapore, you and your new husband would enjoy indulging in the cosmopolitan city life. Explore the dining and shopping offerings the city of your choice has to offer to your heart’s content, even without an exact agenda on your trip. Go where your feet will take you!

You are dreamers, creatives, always coming up with new ideas. You have a myriad of wedding inspiration and pegs pinned on your mood board, full of ways on how you can make your styling expressive of who you are. However, you don’t have as much patience with more mundane tasks like seating charts, and anything that involves an excel sheet.

Wedding Theme: Whimsical
For the ENFPs and ENTPs, we imagine a wedding that looks like an enchanted forest with actual installations of trees and real hanging fruits, or an indoor galaxy with galactic-like light fixtures, or maybe something full of rainbow colors. We also think mismatched bridesmaid dresses for more variety and an interesting palette will be thrown in the mix. The sky is the limit with your imagination!

Photographer: Icebox Imaging / Real Weddings: A Forest Themed Wedding with Real Fruits Hanging from the Ceiling

Wedding Dress: Colored
You’re an unconventional bride who’d love to give everyone a surprise. A colored dress — gray, blush, beige, printed even — suits your outgoing, and energetic personality.

Photographer: Love Train Studios Photography / Real Weddings: Chic and Unconventional: This Bride Wore a Beige Gown Paired with Sneakers

Honeymoon: Theme Parks
We bet you’ll love exploring theme parks around the world. Whether it’s Disneyland or Universal Studios, you won’t get tired of walking around and experiencing a place where imagination and ideation thrives! Plus, it’s just fun to bring out the kid in you.

ESTJs and ENTJs are highly focused, strategic, organized, and they love managing projects. You’d want them to plan your wedding for you! They’ll surely draw up an efficient wedding day timeline from preparations to the after party. The brides who are considered ESTJ or ENTJ could make a good living out of event planning!

Wedding Theme: Modern with Personalized Details
Your table labels won’t simply be numbers, but rather something that represents meaningful parts of your love story with photos of the two of you throughout the years! You will likely make sure that even the calligraphy on the escort cards are on-point. You also have a wedding day timeline to distribute to all suppliers and entourage members for a seamless on-the-day execution. You’re a highly-detailed bride who has thought of everything!

Photographer: Chestknots / Real Weddings: This Fun Couple Pulled-Off a Highly Detailed Wedding

Wedding Dress: Light and Ethereal
You’ll be taking the reins when it comes to directing your wedding, so you’d want a dress that has a balance of being glamorous and easy to move around in. You might fancy a few embellishments, 3D flowers, and a light fabric that allows swifter movement.

Photographer: Rock Paper Scissors Photography / Real Weddings: This Couple Shows Us How Ethereal and Romantic Outdoor Weddings Can Be!

Honeymoon: Beach Getaway
You’d love to make the most out of a tropical vacation by planning your whole itinerary. Breakfast at exactly 8AM, then watch the sunset by 5PM. Not a minute wasted with you at the lead of honeymoon planning!

You’re the kind of bride who will most likely be close friends with her suppliers even beyond the wedding day. You are warm-hearted, and approachable. You’re excellent at striking up conversations, and this ability makes you the life of the party. ESFJs and ENFJs would want to make sure that every single person at your wedding is happy and comfortable.

Wedding Theme: Rustic
We feel that a wedding that emanates warmth (with wood details, and earth tones) suits your kind and welcoming personality. Rustic themed weddings create a relaxed ambience where everyone can feel at ease. Complete your styling with comfortable seating and candles for a warm, romantic glow.

Photographer: Hearts & Color Photography / Real Weddings: This Wedding Has the Rustic Styling You’ll Want on Your Mood Board

Wedding Dress: Repurposing Mom’s Gown
Your kind and considerate nature would want your wedding to celebrate and honor the love of the most important people in your life. So, as a tribute to your Mom, you’ll be wearing her dress. It’s cool to make a few alterations to fit your style, but you’ll be keeping most of the dress intact. Mom’s dress would also be a great conversation piece, you’ll have nostalgic stories to share with everyone.

Photographer: ClickedwithLove Studios / Real Weddings: This Bride Wore Her Mother’s 40-Year Old Wedding Gown!

Honeymoon: Wine Vineyard Tour
Sipping some wine, meeting other vino enthusiasts is something that could pique your interest. Having laidback conversations with a glass from the finest labels in hand, and the love of your life enjoying the breathtaking view along with you, what could be better?

Those who lean towards ISTJ and ISFJ are said to be analytical, organized, responsible, practical, and efficient. You love order, and you plan things carefully in advance. It should come as no surprise when ISTJs and ISFJs have already booked their wedding suppliers within three months after getting engaged. You will probably think of every detail, down to the font of the escort cards and a complete directory of all your wedding vendors. You’re so good at planning your wedding that your coordinator would want to hire you.

Wedding Theme: Modern Minimalist
You’d want a wedding that is timeless and intimate. You’re not a big fan of the limelight, so something more subtle and straightforward would suit your tastes. A restaurant venue with modern and sleek interiors, and a stellar full-course menu is a kind of reception that we’d suggest for you!

Photographer: Carlo Acetre Photography / Real Weddings: This Practical Bride Chose to Wear Separates for Her Wedding Attire and She Looked Beautiful!

Wedding Dress: Separates or Pantsuit
As a practical bride, you aim for functionality and not just fashion. You’d want your wedding attire to have re-wearability potential, so separates or a pantsuit that you can keep in your wardrobe’s rotation would be ideal.

Photographer: Carlo Acetre Photography / Real Weddings: This Practical Bride Chose to Wear Separates for Her Wedding Attire and She Looked Beautiful!

Honeymoon: Wellness Weekend
You deserve your R & R after the whirlwind of wedding planning. Reward yourself with a relaxing couple’s massage at a spa oasis nestled in nature. Unplug during your honeymoon so you can properly recharge, and enjoy the bliss of being newlyweds before you return to your busy schedules.

The Sentimental and Artistic Brides

INFJs and INTJs are creatives and idealists who always place purpose and meaning in everything they do. Your wedding is no exception. You’d want details that are symbolic and tell a story of who you are as a couple. You’re also conscientious about your wedding. It won’t be too extravagant, but it will definitely be something unique albeit artistic.

Wedding Theme: Artsy
We’re envisioning a wedding in an art museum or a coffee shop with an open mic program where your fellow artistic friends can read poetry or perform original songs and covers. You’re someone who would also go the extra mile by writing individual thank you cards by hand for each of your guests.

Photographer: Regina Roque / Real Weddings: This Couple Chose an Art Museum as Their Wedding Venue

Wedding Dress: Multiway Gown
Two looks in an instant! Unleash your creativity through a multiway gown with removable sleeves or a detachable overskirt. You consider both fashion and function for your wedding look. Plus, you prefer a quick change timeline of not more than 30 minutes.

Photographer: Regina Roque / Real Weddings: This Couple Designed Their Own Wedding Jewelry, Among Other Things

Honeymoon: Museums around the world
Whether it’s the Louvre in Paris or the LACMA in LA, you and your partner would want to indulge your love for art. Maybe you can also consider some of the famous writer’s stomping grounds, mostly coffee shops, in London. Or how about tickets to see a play at the renowned Shakespeare Globe Theatre?

ISTPs and INTPs are problem-solvers. When something goes wrong, your resourceful side shines! You even find something thrilling about being faced with hiccups, and finding the solution to them — like a missing button, timeline delays, even rainy weather! You won’t be fazed no matter what wedding day disaster you might encounter.

Wedding Theme: Tropical
Your calm and cool nature would be a great match for a vibrant Tropical wedding. It would be awesome to hold your special day at a beach or resort venue to fully embrace the paradise ambience. You could also consider a poolside villa where you and your guests can lounge and swim. Your wedding will be all about having fun, being chill, and sitting back and relaxing.

Photographer: Vhince Chiu Photo / Real Weddings: Vibrant Orange Tones Stand Out in This Beach Wedding

Wedding Dress: Fit and Flare
Fitted around the bodice and flared at the bottom. This is a type of dress that has some swing as you dance and still easy to walk around in. You’re going to want a dress that won’t restrict movement especially for all the TikTok dance numbers you and your entourage prepared.

Photographer: Jexter Jordan Fine Art Weddings / Real Weddings: This Couple Was a Match Made in Bumble

Honeymoon: Surfing or Hiking
For the brides (and grooms) who love to be active and athletic, why not hit the waves in La Union or go on a mountaineering trip locally? This will surely satiate your adventurous spirit. Skills not required! Wouldn’t it be fun to learn and explore a new hobby, simply for fun, with your hubby?

ISFPs and INFPs are friendly, sensitive, kind, and attentive towards people. INFPs, in particular, are also attentive towards their impact on the environment, always trying to find a way to make the world a better place to live in, and how we can be kinder to our surroundings. ISFPs and INFPs are highly considerate of other people’s feelings and would likely always accept pieces of advice from friends and family.

Wedding Theme: Bohemian
If we would paint an image of your wedding, it would include buri mats for guests to sit comfortably on the floor (or grass if you’re having an outdoor wedding), and macrame pieces for added personality to your decorations. As a way to make your wedding more eco-conscious, you’d go for plantable seed paper for your invitation suite, and succulents as favors.

Photographer: Macky Carcedo Photographs / Real Weddings: This Couple Had an Eco-Friendly DIY Wedding in Siargao

Wedding Dress: Organic Silk or Cotton
Something light, breezy, and ethically-made! You’d likely work with a local designer on this. Maybe you’d like a dress that is fitted, and tastefully shows off some skin. You can top off your look with a flower crown, and beach waves as your hairstyle.

Photographer: Macky Carcedo Photographs / Real Weddings: This Couple Had an Eco-Friendly DIY Wedding in Siargao

Honeymoon: You’ll let the hubby decide
Your priority is making others happy, so you wouldn’t mind letting the hubby decide where to go for your honeymoon. It wouldn’t be bad to make some suggestions either, like going to a resort you’ve always wanted to visit, glamping, or a hot air balloon ride.

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