7 Common Wedding Day Disasters and How to Do Damage Control

Is there such a thing as a perfect wedding? I think many couples, and wedding pros, will probably say there really isn’t. What does a perfect wedding mean anyway? In any event, especially one of a large scale, we’re bound to bump into a few snags. Even the most organized, and carefully planned-out weddings can encounter unexpected issues. The good thing is that you have experts in the field who are prepared for any emergency that may occur. But as the bride and groom, it’s also a good idea to be aware of how to do damage control in case mishaps happen. Read on for some tips!

A Wardrobe Malfunction
This is probably the most common snafu that could occur. A button hanging loose, a tear on the pants, the zipper getting caught, and what have you. Thankfully, there’s a quick fix to this! Be prepared with a sewing kit. You can also rely on your coordinator or wardrobe stylist who will be ready with needle and thread, too. Even if they have to sew you into your dress, trust that you’ll still be a radiant bride walking down the aisle. And do make sure to have extra bobby pins anchoring your veil to your head. That way, it doesn’t risk slipping off in case someone accidentally steps on it!

An Untimely Pimple Appears
Makeup artists will always caution you about doing any form of treatment or facials within the week of your wedding. This is to avoid skin issues like irritation, redness, and pimples. If a rogue pimple does appear, you can talk to your makeup artist about the best way to cover it up. This is also where you can leave it to the professionals to work their magic! As an added measure, you can arm yourself with pimple patches that can be concealed seamlessly under makeup.

An Entourage Member is Late
Weddings have an on-the-day timeline to follow but there’s still a chance that a bridesmaid or groomsman shows up late by an hour or so. One of the things you can do in this situation is to stay calm and carry on. Proceed with your preparations photoshoot while the late entourage member gets their hair and makeup done. They can join in the photos when they’re ready. This is a better idea than delaying the whole program so you can wait for everyone to be present.

The Guests Waiting Too Long to Eat
It’s normal for guests to wait for a while until you finish your post-ceremony photos. So, we recommend serving appetizers and providing entertainment to make the gap in between more worthwhile. One couple I know gave away personalized newsletters with a crossword puzzle and other activities guests can enjoy while they’re seated. And do have your coordinator double check how many tables there are. When your guests are taking turns lining up at the buffet after taking group photos with you, make sure no table is forgotten. This might sound silly but it can happen. You can also assign a family member as a point person to assist your coordinators. The last thing you want is hungry guests!

The Bridal Car Breaking Down
We don’t want to leave a bride stranded with a flat tire or the battery failing. Have a contingency plan in place. In case your main bridal car runs into issues, plan B can be your own car, or a relative’s, even if it isn’t white. It may also be a good idea to have a close friend or entourage member, who knows how to drive, accompany you. No one wants the hassle of hailing a taxi on the way to your own wedding!

A Vendor Cancelling at the Last Minute
Given that we’re living with COVID-19, it is still a possibility that vendors get sick on the day of your wedding. While you can be assured that suppliers already have fool-proof plans set, it’s reasonable to double check the contract especially with regards to refunds and contingencies. Also, be informed about who will take their place in the event of a last minute cancellation.

A Drunk Best Man or Maid of Honor
When the MOH or Best Man had one too many drinks before making their speech, expect some slurring and a whole lot of awkwardness. We all know alcohol can make us say things we wouldn’t want heard in public! A proper fix to this would be to talk to your friends beforehand, and be clear that you entrusted them to fulfill a very important task in the program. They’ll surely understand that laying off on the drinks, until after they do their duty, would make you happier on your wedding day. Another solution is to keep the bar closed at the beginning or during the more crucial parts of the reception, so that no one would be tempted to go on happy hour too early!

Above all, always remember that your wedding day is about love. Nothing, not even a few bumps in the road, can take away the happiness of this celebration from you. Are there other wedding day disasters you experienced as a bride, guest, bridesmaid, or supplier? Share your experience and solutions with us in the comments!

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