8 Styles of Bridal Shoes to Match Your Wedding Location

When it comes to choosing your wedding shoes, something to keep in mind is the kind of landscape you’ll be walking on. Whether it’s a sandy beach, a rocky mountain, or a smooth ballroom floor, you’ll want to be prepared with appropriate footwear. The most important thing is to find a pair of shoes that will help you last all day long from your pre-ceremony photos until the very end of the night! So, let’s take a look at a couple of shoe styles based on four different terrains. Read on.

8 Styles of Bridal Shoes to Match Your Wedding Location

Beach Wedding

Bare Feet with Lace Up Straps
A wedding on the beach means walking on sand, so some brides even choose to go bare foot! Bare feet with lace up straps will match an island venue so well, especially if you’re going for a relaxed and carefree vibe. You can enjoy the feeling of sand between your toes while looking stylish at the same time.

Photographer: SuperSeven Studio / Real Weddings: Get a Dose of Vitamin Sea from This All-White Wedding on an Islet

Sandals with Low Heels
Sandals are always a great choice for the beach. They’re comfy and easy to wear, but can also be elegant. Jess Wilson, during her Palawan wedding, wore a pair of slides with low, rounded heels. The transparent, glass-like material makes it so chic. It also looks beautiful together with Jess’ Filipiniana dress. No need to worry about heels sinking in the sand here!

Photographer: Pat Dy, Team Pat Dy, Nelwin Uy / Real Weddings: Wedding Highlights: Jess Wilson Tells Us About Her Wedding in Palawan

Garden Wedding

Sneakers are a practical choice if your venue is a garden or a backyard. That’s because pointy heels will likely dig into the soil, making it difficult for you to walk. If you’re not used to wearing heels, sneakers can help you avoid tripping and falling. An added bonus: You and your groom can match!

Photographer: Mayad Studios / Real Weddings: Dusty Blue and Gray Gives This Wedding an Elegant Vibe

Block Heels
If you prefer having a bit of height in your footwear, consider block heels. For outdoor venues, a chunkier heel is a good option for the same reason as sneakers. Low, block heels also mean less pain because there’s not as much pressure on the balls of your feet! But if you prefer a pair higher than two or three inches, try going for comfy platforms. You can also consider wearing shoes with straps for more support and security.

Photographer: ProudRad / Real Weddings: Marrying in Style: This Couple Nailed Every Outfit in Their Destination Wedding

Indoor Wedding

Flat Shoes
Indoor venues usually have smooth, even floors, so the footwear options are a bit more extensive. Why not make a statement with a fashionable pair of flats? Flats in bold colors are a gorgeous contrast to a white dress. It certainly adds personality to your bridal look. Plus, you’ll surely be pain-free all-day and night. You won’t even have to worry about practicing how to walk in heels, if that’s something you’d want excluded from your wedding to-do list.

Photographer: ProudRad / Real Weddings: This Couple’s Intimate Wedding Is All About Spreading Fun, Humor, and Good Vibes

Don’t get us wrong, we still love a classy pair of stilettos. And for an indoor wedding, there’s definitely no problem with wearing spiky, four or five-inch heels. Who wouldn’t want that added height? High heels also make you stand up much straighter. Good posture right there!

Photographer: Orange Studios / Real Weddings: A Lush Indoor Garden Filled with Flowers Makes This Couple’s Wedding a Dream

Mountain Wedding

Pumps with Flared Out Heels
Like beach and garden weddings, you’ll want to be wiser about the shoes you’ll wear if your special day will be held on a mountain. Expect that you’ll be walking on an uneven surface, so having more support on your feet is your best bet. Heels aren’t a complete no-no, however. Take a look at this pair of pumps with flared out heels. The shape of the bottom of the heels help make walking on a mountaintop less of a challenge. You won’t be digging into the mud either!

Photographer: Miho Neiman / Real Weddings: Love on Top: An Elopement on a Snowy Mountaintop

If you know you’ll be, literally, on rocky ground, then a reliable pair of boots could be for you. Not only will these be comfortable and safe, boots also give an extra edge to your bridal fashion. You can even take this look anywhere — from your elopement on a mountain, to a brunch, to an after-party with your friends!

Photographer: Fabio Oliveira / Real Weddings: Just the Two of Us: A Romantic Elopement on a Cliff 4,000 Miles Away from Home
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