Six Stunning Aisles for an Unforgettable Wedding March

Many brides dream of having that magnificent walk down the aisle! It’s your grand entrance, after all. It deserves to be as memorable as possible just like that famous movie scene from Crazy Rich Asians, where the bride walked on water! So, we rounded up a few stunning wedding aisles, created by some of the industry’s most talented stylists, that will make your own bridal march undoubtedly splendid. Take a look and see which one stands out to you most!

Six Stunning Aisles for an Unforgettable Wedding March

Over a Pool
If your venue is a resort or a beach island, take a look at how Gideon Hermosa and Randy Lazaro created magical aisles in the middle of swimming pools. Your walk down the aisle will feel almost like gliding on water! The pool beneath the flooring will surely give a beautiful effect of movement and a bit of color.

Photo Credit: Team Pat Dy, Nice Print Photo, Gideon Hermosa
Photo Credit: Adrian Ardiente, Randy Lazaro

Hand Painted Poem
For an aisle runner, Moki Gray made gorgeous use of a poem composed by the groom dedicated to the bride! And guess what? Moki even hand painted the words in calligraphy over the white material. How romantic is this?

Photo Credit: Moki Gray
Photo Credit: Moki Gray

Boho Carpet
Another way to highlight the boho theme, as seen in this aisle styling by Moki Gray, is through bohemian carpets. It exudes the laidback, and free-spirited vibe we love about boho weddings. Plus, the intricate and geometric patterns add an extra touch of character to the decorations.

Photo Credit: Moki Gray
Photo Credit: Moki Gray

Mirror Floors
Want to stun your guests with an optical illusion? Check out these mirrored aisles by Teddy Manuel and Dave Sandoval. Coupled with lush floral arrangements, the mirror aisle and arches make the whole room even more dazzling. If you’re having a more intimate event in a smaller venue, this will make the space look even bigger!

Photo Credit: Dave Sandoval
Photo Credit: Adrian Ardiente, Teddy Manuel

Who wouldn’t fall in love with classic all-white styling? These aisles transformed by Gideon Hermosa and Randy Lazaro prove why white flowers and greenery will never go out of style. Just imagine walking by flowers in full bloom like these? Timeless, romantic, and sophisticated indeed!

Photo Credit: Adrian Ardiente, Gideon Hermosa
Photo Credit: Jaja Samaniego, Adrian Ardiente, Randy Lazaro

Moving Graphics
Here’s another innovation from Teddy Manuel! Have you ever seen a digital aisle with moving graphics? It brings to life a scene of cherry blossoms swaying with the wind. You could probably play around with so many different kinds of images that are cohesive with your theme! Maybe even meaningful messages or a photo montage!

Photo Credit: Teddy Manuel
Photo Credit: Teddy Manuel
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