These Are the Top Wedding Splurges According to Brides!

We posted a question on our Instagram Stories: “What was worth splurging on for your wedding?” And the answers came flooding in! Many brides agree that some things are just excellent value for your hard earned money. They either make the whole planning process a lot easier or they simply give you joy and guarantee in your heart that this is really the kind of wedding you dream of! We tallied the answers from more than 70 brides, and here are the results in no particular order. Take a look at what majority say are the top wedding investments.

These Are the Top Wedding Splurges According to Brides!

Food and Catering A top splurge according to brides is the food! Your menu is something guests will remember long after the wedding day. After all, the dining experience is part of how you entertain your guests. Here’s an idea to make your reception extra unique — allocate some of your food budget for food carts, mobile coffee bars, or a grazing table. These are a hit for cocktail hour and as late night snacks while you’re partying away!

Photography or Videography Time passes by so quickly. Before you know it your wedding day becomes a memory. That’s why photos and videos matter so much to couples because these preserve every single one of those precious moments you’d otherwise forget. Besides, you’re not just paying for the output here. You’re receiving the photo and video teams’ hours of work, ideas and concepts, editing skills, and experience!

Venue Another popular wedding splurge is the venue! Your venue plays a big role in setting the ambience of your wedding day. Even the surroundings can have an impact on the whole mood of your celebration. For example, several couples choose outdoor venues in the midst of mountains and forests because of the calmness and serenity they exude. Couples also invest in their venue because there are those that offer all-in packages including the ceremony space or chapel, in-house styling services, and catering!

Event Styling Along with the venue, what brings your wedding theme to life is the styling. A professional stylist is indeed reliable especially when there’s a specific table scape, floral arrangement, or any kind of setup you are trying to achieve. They would know what materials to put together and where these can be sourced! If there’s room to give your venue a transformation, stylists can turn your space into a grand indoor garden, a tropical paradise, and so much more.

Wedding Gown Probably one of the most exciting things to accomplish on your wedding to-do list is finding your bridal gown! Whether it’s custom, bespoke, or RTW, it’s understandable why several brides feel that the dress is valuable. It’s a piece that you will remember and would want to look back on fondly for the rest of your life. There are times when what makes an item priceless is the sheer sentimental value!

Wedding Rings Much like the wedding gown, another piece that carries so much value and meaning would be your wedding rings. These represent your love story and your commitment to one another. Both you and your groom will be wearing (and keeping) these rings for as long as you both shall live!

Coordinator The coordinator is the one who works their magic to make sure your wedding day is as smooth and seamless as possible. They take care of you throughout the planning and on the day of your wedding so that you’re stress-free! It’s no surprise why a lot of brides find the coordinator an essential part of the wedding. Event planning and coordinating is not an easy feat, that’s why the professionals are here to lend their expertise.

What are some other wedding must-haves that you feel are worth the splurge? Share them in the comments!

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