Bridal Glow Essentials According to Makeup Artists

How do brides get that beautiful glow? Is there a magical treatment out there that every soon-to-wed should know about? The secret to bridal beauty may be simpler than you think! But to dive deeper into this, we asked the pros for their advice about what can truly bring out your natural beauty and radiance. We interviewed four makeup artists and asked them to share some of their tried and tested bridal beauty tips. You’ll want to take note of these so keep reading!

Bridal Glow Essentials According to Makeup Artists

Drink Lots of Water
What’s a no-fail beauty secret? Hydration. And all you have to do is drink more water. Skincare and makeup products are great and all, but don’t forget to take care of your overall health, too.

“Lots of water just for hydration. This especially shows on the lips so I make my brides drink a lot of water before or while we’re doing the makeup to avoid dry, crusty lips.” Jelly Eugenio, Makeup Artist

“Lots of water just for hydration. This especially shows on the lips so I make my brides drink a lot of water before or while we’re doing the makeup to avoid dry, crusty lips.” Jelly Eugenio, Makeup Artist

Plan Facials Months Ahead
If you’re planning on doing a facial treatment, make sure to schedule this in advance. Months before the wedding is recommended. Some laser treatments and facials can give you an added glow, but it’s always best to test them out with time to spare prior to the big day. Always remember to do treatments that work for you and are recommended by your dermatologist.

“Never have your facial done a week before the big day, it might cause breakouts.” Belle Lopez, Makeup Artist

“A week before your wedding, you should avoid skin treatments with down time - treatments which leave skin inflamed or swollen. You should’t try anything new to avoid any allergic reactions.” Nikki Betos, Makeup Artist

Use Your Go-To Moisturizer and Sunscreen
Along with being properly hydrated, it’s also good to use your go-to moisturizer for an added hydration boost. Don’t skip sunscreen either because this will make sure your skin is safe, healthy, and smooth!

"Moisturize a lot - face, lips, body, scalp - a bride's skin can dry up due to lack of sleep or stress, so make sure you keep a very good moisturizer with you always." Jelly Eugenio, Makeup Artist

"Sunscreen is absolutely essential if you are trying to lighten any dark spots or avoid any melasma. Definitely put sunscreen all the way to your neck and chest if you're wearing a tube or strapless wedding gown." Nicole Ceballos, Makeup Artist

Stick to the Skincare Routine That Works for You
You don’t need to deviate from your regular routine just for your wedding day. Suddenly changing your skincare routine or testing out a new product close to the wedding day may cause more problems.

“Don’t experiment with any new skincare or skin treatment. Always give your skin time to settle and react to anything new. One week is not enough time.” Nicole Ceballos, Makeup Artist

“It’s best to consult a board certified dermatologist way ahead of your wedding day. They will know what your skin needs and what products or treatments you should get. Once you have developed your skin care routine, it’s important to stay consistent and stick with it.” Nikki Betos, Makeup Artist

Relax and Get Enough Sleep
This is a simple tip but surprisingly difficult to do because of all the excitement and the wedding planing stress. But nothing really beats being well-rested especially on the day of your wedding!

“Have alone time, meditate or listen to soothing music and sleep like a baby. When you start taking care of yourself especially your skin, you'll be the most beautiful on your wedding day!” Belle Lopez, Makeup Artist

“This may sound impossible but it’s important because sleep and food is where you’ll get your energy on your wedding day. It’s actually where you get the magical bridal glow. The most relaxed, well-rested, happy brides have it for sure.” Jelly Eugenio, Makeup Artist

Have a Good Talk with Your Makeup Artist
Trust the expertise of your makeup artist! They will make sure you look your best on your wedding day. But also be open and honest about what you want, what products work for you, and what you feel comfortable with.

“By hiring a makeup artist, you can eliminate the stress of doing your own makeup and trust that your look will be polished. You’ll get a chance to communicate your desires and ensure that your look on the big day matches your vision.” Nikki Betos, Makeup Artist

“Be clear with what you want specifically techniques that didn’t work for you in the past whether it be thick lashes or heavy layers of foundation. Your makeup should reflect your beauty and not look like a mask.” Jelly Eugenio, Makeup Artist

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