This Online Jewelry Store Can Create Your Non-Traditional Wedding Rings!

When you visit a jewelry store, you find the pieces nice and pretty but nothing quite catches your full attention. You’re about to hold your breath when the jeweler reveals his recommendation but you release a sigh instead because you know in your heart that it’s just not the right one. If this is you, try a different approach in searching for your wedding rings: Go for bespoke, shop online, support a local jewelry shop like Little White Pouch, and definitely stick to your style. Your love story is unique and special–so is your taste–so pick a jewelry that celebrates just that. Read on.

This Online Jewelry Store Can Create Your Non-Traditional Wedding Rings!

Go for bespoke

Just like how your heart leaped when you found the right wedding dress, wearing a piece of wedding jewelry should also feel the same way. Every detail from the band type to the stone color should speak to you and remind you of the beautiful love story that’s attached to it. If you’re not the classic diamond type of couple, that’s totally okay. Explore unconventional materials like gemstones or imperfect diamonds that have so much character. Little White Pouch, an online jewelry store that specializes on making bespoke pieces, can capture your story and create your  dream jewelry design. The brand usually works with 14 karat and 18 karat yellow, white and rose gold, as well as diamonds, gemstones, and pearls, but if you have other specifications, they can source it out for you.

Custom made 14 karat Rose gold wedding bands with the bride’s ring designed to stack with her engagement ring
Precision cut Oval Tanzanite with Diamond accents set in a 14 karat Rose gold band
Kit shape Salt and Pepper Diamond, with diamond accents set in 14 karat White gold band
14 karat Yellow gold wedding bands with a half sunburst of Diamonds on the Bride’s ring
Teal Sapphire flanked by diamonds set in a 14 karat Rose gold band

Shop Online

You can do so many things online, even buy your wedding jewelry–from engagement rings to couple rings, and everything in between. But we know that there’s a big elephant in the room that needs to be addressed. You may ask, “is it safe to make a big purchase online, let alone a custom jewelry?” Little White Pouch recognizes this hesitation that’s why they’ve put up an efficient system in place to make their customers feel at ease. From initial sketches to producing the actual jewelry, expect that you’ll be well-informed and updated throughout the process. Should you have any questions, the brand is always reachable through Instagram, email, or through their website. Not having a brick and mortar store may be a disadvantage but not for Little White Pouch. They redirect their energy instead in providing a satisfactory customer experience that’ll make all your worries go away.

Asscher cut Morganite set in a 14 karat Rose gold band with double prong detail
Engagement ring: Moss Agate Forest ring with Blue Diamond accent set in a 14 karat Rose gold band with fruit and leaf details | Wedding bands: Rough faceted finish 14 karat Rose gold (Groom), Blue Diamond with fruit and leaf details (Bride)
3 carat Aquamarine with Diamond accents set in a 14 karat Rose gold band
Rose cut Moissanite set in a 14 karat Yellow gold vintage inspired ring with milgrain details
Minimalist 14 karat rose gold bridal set with an Aquamarine main on the engagement ring

Choose a local brand

The knowledge and the style suggestions that a local brand can share with you is priceless. Living in the same country and understanding the culture and the needs of their customers make Little White Pouch an expert in producing the pieces of jewelry you’re looking for. All their items are created by local skilled goldsmiths and jewelry artisans who love to create tailored pieces that will resonate with you. From elegant and classic designs to personalized, unconventional pieces, Little White Pouch aims to provide the right piece of jewelry with the purpose of making the wearer happy.

Two-toned 18 karat white and yellow gold wedding bands with ice finish exterior
Oval shape Tanzanite with diamond accents set in a 14 karat Rose gold band
Zambian Emerald gemstone set in a two-toned 14 karat rose and white gold band inspired by the proposée’s Ukkil motif inspired artworks
Pink Padparadscha Sapphire set in a 14 karat Yellow gold band with leaf and branch details

Stick to your style

You’ve pinned so many pegs and have gone through tab after tab, trying to figure out the details that you want for your wedding day. That’s perfectly fine because from those ideas, you’ll figure out what you exactly want. Have the exact mindset when you have a custom piece made by Little White Pouch. Show them your pegs but also tell them your story so that they can design a piece that’s solely for you.

Family cluster ring with Turquoise, Pink Spinel, Peridot and Citrine gemstones in 14 karat Yellow gold
Custom made 14 karat Rose gold wedding bands with the bride’s ring designed to stack with her engagement ring
Oval shape, Rose cut, Salt and Pepper Diamond with Diamond accents set in a 14 karat rose gold band

Little White Pouch is the jewelry shop for you if you appreciate and value quality bespoke jewelry. They make the process uncomplicated because designing a wedding jewelry shouldn’t be overwhelming. Go on and send them a message through Instagram direct message, website, or

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