This Heritage Home Completes Your Filipinana Wedding Theme

What draws a couple to the Filipinana aesthetic aside from the traditional Barong Tagalog and Maria Clara fashion? It’s the certain refinement that comes with bringing back the golden days of Manila–the time when Philippine culture was thick and distinct, and when buildings looked like art pieces. For couples to successfully turn back time and experience the glamour of what was, wedding planning should start from finding a venue that carries rich history, showcase art, and celebrates the best version of the Filipino spirit.

A top-of-mind venue is Palacio de Memoria. It’s a restored heritage home that holds centuries worth of history and has a grand interior and exterior that will surely satiate a couple’s love for the arts. Here’s why you should check it out!

This Heritage Home Completes Your Filipinana Theme

(Header) High Regard for Taste and Beauty
Palacio de Memoria was built in the 1930s during the American colonial period. Through time, the estate was transformed from being a two-floor private home, a temporary Polo Club, a five-story mansion with a clinic, to now an events venue that celebrates culture and the arts. With the current owners having a keen eye for details and an exquisite vision for one of the last remaining homes with this kind of history, Palacio de Memoria is restored and developed into what it is now—a home for anything beautiful–and that includes your unique wedding story.  

When you go around the estate, you’ll see well-curated European and Asian pieces that will elevate your Filipinana wedding theme. It has an indoor and outdoor venue options that can cater to an intimate party for your selected few or if you prefer, your long list of guests are welcome, too.

Venue: Los Tamaraos Ballroom | Capacity: 50-70pax | This historical ballroom features a festive Art Deco terrazo floor by National artist for Architecture, Juan Nakpil
Venue: Salon Rojo | Capacity: 10-20 pax | This red room has Italian and Venetian pieces from the 17th and 18th century
Venue: El Comedor del Embajador | Capacity: 30-50 pax | This dining hall showcases mostly Vieux Parisien pieces.
Venue: Bar del Arcon | Capacity: 20-40 pax | This bunker bar is decorated with war memorabilia and hunting trophies.
Venue: El Pabellon del Jardin | Capacity: 100-400 pax | This versatile clear tent can be transformed any way you like.
Venue: Sala Villaroman | Capacity: 50-80 pax | The big windows in this venue allows sunlight to brighten any event.
Venue: El Loggia | Capacity: 50-75 pax | This outdoor cafe with an open lawn and deck adds charm to your wedding day.

(Header) Exclusivity and Accessibility
Since Palacio de Memoria is a private estate, you’re sure that you’ll have exclusivity of the venue at your reserved time. This will give you the peace of mind that your guests are safe and that you can execute all the plans that you want for your special day! The numerous venue options available also allow you to plan both your ceremony and reception party within the estate, making it easier for you, your suppliers, and your guests. This gem of a venue is located along Roxas Boulevard in Paranaque City.

Venue: El Suite Nupcial | Capacity: 10-20 pax | This bridal suite is spacious enough to welcome your bride tribe on your wedding day. It has a queen-sized bed and a comfortable shower area for your preps.
Venue: El Jardin de la Fuente | Capacity: 100-300 pax | The front garden has an elegant fountain and a full view of the mansion.
Venue: El Jardin de la Fuente | Capacity: 100-300 pax | Treat your guests to a spacious and well-maintained garden reception.
Venue: Salon de te Gris | Capacity: 10-20 pax | This room exhibits feminine art pieces.
Venue: Los Tamaraos Ballroom | Capacity: 50-70pax | This signature staircase can be the focal point of your wedding photos.
Venue: Los Tamaraos Ballroom | Capacity: 50-70pax

Header) Keeping the Filipino Spirit Alive
Palacio de Memoria’s story started many years ago but because of its beauty, resiliency, and new found purpose, it gives couples a venue to make new memories and to add to its narrative. The estate’s charm doesn’t just lie in its rich history, but also in the endless possibility it offers. Beauty, resiliency, and love are the very ingredients that keep the Filipino spirit alive in this venue.

Venue: Mosphil Lounge: | Capacity: 20-40 pax | Hold a bachelor party inside the retrofitted Antonov 24B Russian Aircraft parked beside El Jardin de Dewey.
Venue: El Jardin de la Fuente | Capacity: 100-300 pax
Venue: El Jardin de la Fuente | Capacity: 100-300 pax
Venue: El Loggia | Capacity: 50-75 pax


Take a tour of the estate to personally see and feel the richness of Palacio de Memoria. Visit their website to know more and follow them on Instagram and Facebook for updates. For more information, call (+63) 997 7998187, (+02) 8253-3994, or send an email to Book now to elevate your Filipinana-themed wedding!

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