10 Thoughtful Gifts to Cheer Up Your Friends Whose Weddings Were Postponed

We all know how wedding planning can be the most exciting and challenging time of your life, because of all the effort, and resources that go into it. Now that we’re still dealing and coping with a pandemic, the stress levels are higher than ever thanks to the re-planning, re-scheduling, and constant trimming of the guest list. Some couples are even forced to postpone or cancel their weddings altogether because of quarantine restrictions. Postponing or cancelling your wedding is not an easy decision to make especially when you’ve already invested so much for your big day and have been looking forward to it for a year or more.

What our soon-to-wed friends need now is our love and support. We can help cheer them up by sending some thoughtful gifts that will make them smile. It doesn’t have to be extravagant at all. As long as your gift comes from the heart, it will surely be appreciated. Here are some gift ideas you can consider!

10 Thoughtful Gifts to Cheer Up Your Friends Whose Weddings Were Postponed

Scented Candles
Much like essential oils, scented candles can have quite a therapeutic effect. Scents like lavender, vanilla, peppermint, or even the smell of your favorite Korean Oppa’s signature perfume might just give your friends the boost they need or at least give them a moment of calm. You can throw in a candle warmer if they don’t have one yet.


A Package of Their Favorite Meals
Good food is always a reliable fix whenever anyone is feeling down. Why not send your friends some of their favorite dishes from restaurants or stores they love? If anyone needs comfort food right now, it’s the brides and grooms in your lives. You can also check if you can order party trays or food for delivery from their caterer!


A Bouquet of Flowers
Something to beautify their space and make it look livelier will help brighten their day. You can also opt for dried flowers if your friends prefer those more. A gorgeous arrangement of fresh or dried blooms and just the fact that you want them to feel better will definitely make your friends feel loved!


A Bottle of Wine or Champagne
Send a nice bottle of wine or champagne so the bride and groom can still have a toast to celebrate their would-be wedding. There’s no reason why they can’t clink glasses for their union even if it was postponed or cancelled for now. You can even share a toast with them virtually via video call!


Indoor Plants or Succulents
If your friends are certified plantitos and plantitas, why not surprise them with plants from local shops? These can be great additions to their growing garden. You can also give them personalized pots or other materials they need to take care of their plant babies.


A Box of Desserts
For those who love their cookies and cakes, a box of sweet treats will be such a delight to receive! Make your friends extra happy by sending over their favorite baked goods or pastries. You can also give them a simple, minimalist, one-tiered wedding cake with a more personalized design if you’re feeling fancy.


Matching Bathrobes
A comfy set of robes, maybe personalized with their names or monogram, is also a thoughtful gift. They can enjoy wearing these lounge pieces on weekends or even while working from home. Robes might even encourage them to sit back and relax more.


Couple Mugs
Mugs come in all shapes and sizes, and they’re absolutely useful. You can pick out adorable, matching designs, too. Couple mugs are definitely something they can use often as well. You can also consider sending their favorite tea blends or coffee along with the mugs.


Heartfelt (Virtual) Notes
Round-up your friends, and ask everyone to write letters expressing their love for the bride and groom. There are online apps that make it easier to compile notes or you can simply put them all in one document to email to your soon-to-wed friends. If you have graphic design skills, or know someone who does, you can even do a more personalized layout.


Online Classes
You can sponsor a yoga, pilates, or meditation class for friends who want to keep their minds and bodies calm. There are also online cooking classes for your friends who wish to start learning their way in the kitchen. You might even find online wine tasting sessions, too! Online classes are great because they give you something relaxing and productive to do.

Whichever gift you choose to send to your soon-to-wed friends, just the mere gesture of comforting and cheering them up will mean a lot. And when their wedding day finally comes, they know you’ll be there to support them in any way you can.

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