Gift List Guide: Here’s the List of People to Prepare Gifts for on Your Wedding Day!

Christmas is not the only season raining presents, wedding season also comes pretty close. From bridal showers to wedding registries to thank you gifts, there’s always a reason to show some gratitude. Do note that there is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to gifting etiquette on your wedding day. Some couples go all-out with their generosity, while other prefer more simple, but equally meaningful tokens of appreciation. Whichever type of couple you are, do make sure to say thank you to everyone who’s helped you along the way. Looking for a list to make sure you’ve got all bases covered? Check out our gift list of people to prepare gifts for on your wedding day!

Gift List Guide: Here’s the List of People to Prepare Gifts for on Your Wedding Day!

(Header tick box) Your Significant Other
It’s easy to get lost in the planning and sometimes overlook the things that matter the most. In this case, that would be your better half. Pick out something with a special meaning for the both of you and make sure to attach a handwritten letter to it for the full effect. We recommend taking the time to talk to your partner before the wedding day about your plans. While surprises are always nice, you wouldn’t want anyone feeling guilty they didn’t send a gift or disappointed they didn’t receive one.


(Header tick box) Parents
It doesn’t matter who paid for the wedding, what’s more important is you say thank you to both sets of parents for the roles they played in raising the two people standing in front of the altar. After all, you would not be the persons you both fell in love with without their guidance and influence. Since a wedding is a marriage of two people as well as two families, why not gift them a night out in one of your favorite restaurants for a more intimate celebration together? They’ll surely appreciate it and look forward to the next time they can catch up with the newlyweds!


(Header tick box) Bridesmaids and Groomsmen
You’ll definitely want to say thank you to your I Do Crew. From the highs and lows of the relationship, to the rollercoaster of emotions we call wedding planning, they were the ones who helped you through it all. Crowd favorites for wedding party gifts include matching pajamas or robes for ladies and personalized flasks or accessories for the men. When it comes to the Maid of Honor and the Best Man, do consider picking out something extra special for them. Don’t forget, it might go a long way in preventing any roasting when it’s time for their toasts!


(Header tick box) Principal Sponsors
Your Ninongs and Ninangs will be playing a special role on your wedding day up until the happily ever after. The things you learn and receive from them may grow into an endless list, so it’s good to start the habit of saying thank you. You may opt for couple gifts if you chose married couples for your sponsors or individually personalized trinkets to remember your special day by. For more principal sponsor gift ideas that are sourced locally, check out this roundup.


(Header tick box) Those Who Were Instrumental in Your Wedding Planning 
We all have those special friends and family members who surprise us by stepping up when we need them the most. Whether they volunteered for a reading in your ceremony or they gifted you with one of your dream vendors, it’s much appreciated. Show them just how much with a personal note and a small token waiting on their seats at the reception.


(Header tick box) Suppliers
If you still have time amidst the last minute planning, you can prepare thank you totes or kits for your supplier team to enjoy on the day. Fill it with water, snacks, and a thank you card for all their help in bringing your dream wedding to life. Just make sure to delegate the task of distribution to your wedding coordinator or a trusted relative. The bride should be pretty and pampered on the big day, not running around rushing deliveries.


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