8 Gift Ideas for Your Bridesmaids with Hallyu-Loving Hearts

If you’ve spent more time in the past year bonding over k-dramas and k-pop than actually discussing wedding plans, then this is the perfect gift guide for you! What better way is there to show your appreciation for your best girls’ love and support than gifting them with something you would both enjoy? From candles to coffee to customizable everything, there are definitely tons of businesses that have joined in on Hallyu, also known as the Korean Wave. We’ve gathered 8 online shops selling the freshest and cutest k-drama and k-pop merch you can check out for your gifting needs. Be warned, once you start adding to cart, it gets a little difficult to stop. Fighting!

8 Gift Ideas for Your Bridesmaids with Hallyu-Loving Hearts

Scented Candles from @325handcrafted

Ever wondered what it would smell like if you accidentally bumped into favorite oppa? There’s no need to leave it to the imagination because this shop did the research, and they created a line of candles whose fragrances were designed to match the colognes your favorite oppas use in real-life! Giving these unique candles to your girls is the excuse you’ve been waiting for to try out every scent in their k-drama line.

Photo from @325handcrafted

Tote Bags from @3brokechingus

This shop’s tote bags really stand out thanks to their creative and witty style. You will surely find a design that suits each of yours girls and definitely more than a few designs to suit yourself. Feeling a little extra? Why not fill the bags with with your favorite snacks and bottled beverages before sending them to your bridesmaids?

Photo from @3brokechingus

Your Drink of Choice from @sojuexpressmnl or @purple7cafeph

Whether your group prefers to bond over soju cocktails or coffee dates, these bottled drinks can be delivered straight to your doorsteps! Choose from the different flavors of lattes from @purple7cafeph or fruity flavors of soju from @sojuexpressmnl for your next Zoom party.

Photo from @candarella19
Photo from @sojuexpressmnl

Earrings from @byjanna.ph

Calling all Kim Mi-so and Ko Mun-yeong fans, we found classic and ultra-chic jewelry you and your favorite leading ladies would love! Gifting your girls accessories to use on your wedding day (and many days after) will definitely lighten the load and give them one less thing to worry about. Whether you’re looking for bold hoops, dainty pearls, or something with a little more sparkle, make sure to check out this shop’s full line for more stunning pieces.

Enamel Pins from @pointylittlethings

They say the best things come in small packages, and that saying is definitely applicable to these pointy little things! Enamel pins are typically worn on clothing, bags, or attached to any piece of fabric, so your girls can use them in whatever way complements their style.

Photo from @pointylittlethings
Photo from @pointylittlethings

Portable Lamps from @seoultosoul.ph

Thank your girls with something practical and they will surely appreciate the gesture. This portable lamp would be a great addition to their work-from-home set-up and a welcome reminder of the festivities ahead. Other fun BT21 giveaways you can check out from this shop are their slippers, wireless charging cradles, and necklace bands!

Photo from @seoultosoul.ph

Customizable Stationery from @pepaprints

There’s no such thing as too much when it comes to personalized note cards! Equip your best girls to send love letters to encourage and support each other and their most loved ones. You can customize every card, sticker, or gift tag set with each bridesmaid’s name as well as their oppa of choice.

Photo from @pepaprints

Phone Grips from @kdramamerch.ph

You can always have your favorite leading man in the palm of your hand thanks to these adorable phone grips! Aside from looking cute, these phone grips are also pretty functional. They provide a more secure grip on your device and double as a phone stand for your bride tribe catch-ups and virtual bridal showers! You can also browse this online shop for some equally-charming matte laminated sticker sets.

Photo from @kdramamerch.ph
Photo from @kdramamerch.ph


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