10 Colorful and Uniquely Dashing Groom Suits to Match Your Wedding Theme

Gone are the days when tablecloth and flowers were the only details that needed to match the theme. In weddings nowadays, everything from the décor to the invitations and even the entourage and guest attire, are carefully planned to stay consistent to a single aesthetic. Even the groom’s attire, which used to be a simple choice between a traditional barong or a formal suit, can be customized a number of ways to suit your wedding motif. Do you want your groom to wow in all-white or make a statement in full color? Would your groom prefer to keep it clean and classic or dare to be different in a printed ensemble? Still unsure what direction to take? Our previous B&B guapo grooms are here to help! Keep scrolling to see how these 10 grooms rocked unconventional and uniquely dashing suits.

10 Colorful and Uniquely Dashing Groom Suits to Match Your Wedding Theme

1. Blush

If real men wear pink, what can be said about men who wear blush? It’s a brave choice to sport such a soft color, but when worn with the confidence and charisma of a leading man, it will surely leave your future wife looking star-struck.

Photographer: Team Pat Dy | Groom’s Attire: Paulo Lazaro | Real Wedding: Take a Look at the Official Photos from Luis Manzano and Jessy Mendiola’s Intimate Wedding!


2. Marsala

No matter what shade of red you chose, the bold choice of color will definitely leave a lasting impression. As the unofficial color of love, romance will fill the air and the photos when you don a suit in hues of marsala, maroon, or burgundy.

Photographer: Pearl Studio | Groom’s Attire: Suit It Up Manila | Real Wedding: This Beautiful Bride Had the Cutest Dog of Honor by Her Side!


3. Checkered

For the stylish and always-fashionable groom, how about choosing a checkered fabric or another equally chic pattern you fancy? You can also choose to play around with shoes, shirts, and other accessories to add some more of your personality to the look!

Photographer: ProudRad | Real Wedding: Maxene Magalona and Rob Mananquil’s Intimate Church Wedding is Full of Out-of-the-Box Details!


4. Bright Orange

This ensemble is all about clean lines and classic fabric, but with a vivid burst of color! Bright orange was a stunning choice to match this garden wedding’s fresh vibe and vibrant flowers. The groomsmen and the reception styling had a neutral color palette, which made the newlyweds truly stand out in the photos.

Photographer: Chin Lee Photo | Real Wedding: A Bright and Fresh Garden Wedding with Touches of Pink and Orange


5. All-White

It is both your big day after all, so why not match from head to toe? Your chosen theme or motif is not the only area for unconventional choices, allow your unique style to shine with your chosen attire too! Go ahead and match in all-white because if not on your wedding day, when else will you have the opportunity?

Photographer: ProudRad | Groom’s Attire: Ziggy Savella | Real Wedding: This Couple’s Grand Budapest Hotel Wedding Proves Why It’s Okay to Go for a Non-Traditional Theme


6. Gold

Look like the king your queen, a.k.a. bride-to-be, deserves with a dashing gold suit. It’s easy to get carried away with gold’s metallic shimmer, so make sure choose your fabric wisely. How about a texted and subdued golden fabric for a refined groom?

Photographer: Pat Dy | Groom’s Attire: JE & Co. | Real Wedding: We Love the Bold Colors and Lush Details of This Tokyo Wedding


7. Blue

Navy blue suits have always been present in the wedding scene, but you can still stand out if you opt for uncommon shades closer to royal blue, indigo, or teal. Don’t you just love how the color goes so well in contrast to backgrounds of trees and greenery?

Photographer: Pepe Fernandez Photo | Groom’s Attire: JE & Co. | Real Wedding: This White, Green, and Silver Wedding Looks so Festive!


8. Neutral

Neutral colors, such as beige, tan, and brown, are an excellent choice for suits because of their versatility. They can easily be worn again to other events, even separately paired with other garments. Neutrals also complement almost any shade of bridesmaid dresses’ or reception styling motifs.

Photographer: Carlo Acetre Photography | Groom’s Attire: Suit It Up Manila | Real Wedding: This Couple Got Married Two Years Ahead of Plan in a Quaint Restaurant Garden


9. Mauve

If the bride wants her girls dressed in mauve, why not her groom too? He can look just as handsome in this hue, especially with his bride by his side. Don’t be afraid to go the uncommon route, it might leave you wondering why more grooms haven’t discovered this delicate, yet debonair style yet.

Photographer: Randolf Evan Photography | Real Wedding: This Rose Pink and Mauve Themed Garden Wedding Looked so Sweet!


10. Olive Green

Complement the fresh greenery and the beautiful outdoors with an elegant olive green suit. Confidence will be your best accessory to pulling off this ensemble and enjoying the day in style. We especially love when this color is paired with classic neutral tones for the groom’s tie and vest.

Photographer: Chapter One Studios | Groom’s Attire: JE & Co. | Real Wedding: A Simple and Classy Wedding with a Green and Champagne Motif


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