6 Tips to Help You Choose a Memorable Pair of Wedding Shoes

Choosing shoes for your wedding day is not a decision to be taken lightly! Not only will you be wearing them for several hours, but making an uninformed choice can result in blisters and sore feet before you even say “I Do.” Shoes are as big a part of your wedding look as any accessory, so the pair you choose for your walk down the aisle should be a stylish and memorable one. Your choice of wedding shoes would ultimately be up to your personal style, the look of your wedding dress, and what you think would add to the special moments of your big day. To help you find a pair that you would love to wear all-day and all-night, here are some tips you can take note of!

6 Tips to Help You Choose a Memorable Pair of Wedding Shoes

Complement Your Bridal Dress

Before you begin your search for wedding shoes, make sure you have an idea of what you’ll be wearing. It’s best to match the style and embellishments of your shoes with your dress for a cohesive bridal look. It would also be a good idea to have your shoes ready when you go to your fittings because heel height is an important consideration when tailoring the length of your dress. If you’re wearing a tea-length dress, consider shoes with bolder colors or sparkly embellishments to make them really stand out!


Do the Research

Patience is key in the quest for the perfect pair of shoes, so don’t expect to immediately lock-in on a pair the first time you like what you’re fitting. Give yourself ample lead time to browse wedding shoes and make a decision. Start by searching collections online to see which brands and details you’ll fall in love with, then make a shortlist of your options before you shop for them in-store. It would be best shop the racks of boutiques and department stores, so you can try the shoes on and immediately get a feel of what you’d be happy and comfortable wearing.


Consider Your Venue

Depending on the kind of terrain you’ll be walking on, appropriate footwear is a must. If your venue is a garden or beach, you might want to consider sandals, flats, or low, square heels instead of stilettos that could dig into the ground! The right pair of shoes for your venue will help ensure you’ll be gliding down the aisle gracefully and with ease.


Stay True to Your Personal Style

Do you love wearing 4-inch heels or do you wear flats on a daily basis? Go for whatever style you feel most confident and comfortable in! You don’t have to pressure yourself to wear sky-high heels, if you’re not really used to them. If you want the extra height and posture-boost that high heels give, then try different pairs until you find one that does not put too much pressure on the balls of your feet. There are many readily available options for wedding shoes, but if you can’t seem to find the one, you can also opt for a pair customized to your exact taste.


Try Them on and Practice Walking Around

Much like hair and makeup trials and wedding dress fittings, you need to take time to break in your shoes. Wear them around the house, so you’ll get used to having them on while walking. To really get them even more worn in, you can also practice your first dance while wearing your shoes to avoid missteps on the day itself!


Stay Comfortable

While aesthetics definitely matters, we cannot stress the importance of comfort enough. You’ll be wearing your shoes all day, and you wouldn’t want painful, aching feet to be what you remember most about your wedding. If you want to try surviving the night in stilettos, a good tip would be to prepare a second pair of shoes, like flats or sandals, to switch with your heels and give your feet a break, just in case.


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