Newlywed Starter Pack: Practical Ways to Prepare for Your Life After I Do

There are so many reasons why you should be excited about your current life season! Whether you’re about to get married or are now newlyweds, planning a whole lifetime together with your favorite person is definitely something to look forward to. Though the task may feel overwhelming—from choosing where to live to planning your first big purchase—today, we’re guiding you through some practical and actionable tips you can start with. Adulting can get real in a few, but it’s all going to be worth it!

Pay Off Wedding Debt
Consider your wedding day as a portal to a new life–a clean slate which you and your partner can decorate whichever way you like. But before you do, make sure to bring out the “trash” first. The trash may be unsettled credit card bills, unpaid wedding suppliers, or pending personal debts that you’ve incurred for your wedding. For your peace of mind, settle all your bills with the wedding money you received first so you can start planning your new life as a couple without worries.


Buy a Practical and Stylish Ride
Are you ready for your first big purchase as Mr. and Mrs? It should be something memorable and iconic, like a stylish car that can bring you to new adventures and fulfil the lifestyle you’ve always wanted. A great choice you can consider for your first wheels is the new Kia Stonic. Not only does it give your new life a step up, but it also does it in impeccable style! Imagine the wind kissing your face as you drive out for your first road trip or imagine your partner surprising you with a trunk full of roses on your first month together. Ah! the possibilities are endless with this ride. With millennials in mind, the Kia Stonic is indeed a quality choice for your iconic lifestyle.


Look for a Place You Can Call Home 
Whether you decide to rent or buy a condo unit or a house, choose a place you would love to go home to everyday. It may not be your dream home yet but you can fill it up with all the beautiful memories! Some of the details you can consider when choosing your first home is the location and the size. Is it near your work place? Does it have a parking slot for your new Kia Stonic? Is the floor area liveable for both of you? You have the final say which makes everything more exciting!


Start an Emergency Fund
Deciding on your first big purchase and allotting budget for your other milestones as a couple is the real deal! But preparing for the unknown is also something you need to prioritize. Once you’ve covered all your needs for your comfortable new life together, start saving up for emergencies. This way, you won’t get rattled when a tragedy or an emergency happens. A sudden trip to the E.R. or a family member needs financial help? You’ll be ready come what may!


Plan for Everyday Adventures
Your first few months as a newlywed couple can either be smooth sailing or turbulent depending on the amount of changes you both need to adjust to. But no matter what, having a positive attitude that rolls whichever way the road turns should definitely be part of all newlywed starter packs. And while you try to navigate all the uphill routes and downward slopes of your relationship, make sure to have fun along the way! List down a bucket list of destinations you both want to visit so you have something to look forward to regularly. When the going gets tough, back up your sleek Kia Stonic that’s parked in your garage and set out on a new adventure! Don’t forget to blast its six built in audio speakers and play your favorite songs while you’re at it. Oh what a life! The world is yours and with a ride that knows your every need, you can go places in style!

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