10 Declarations We’re Claiming True for 2021!

Today is Christmas and it’s exactly seven days before another year starts! While we’re sipping our hot chocolate on the most wonderful time of the year, we can’t help but ponder on how 2020 was for our team, for all soon-to-wed couples, and for the world in general. It sure has been one heck of a challenging time but we believe in the miracle that today brings. So, as our team greets you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, join us in claiming good news and positivity as we say ‘bring it on 2021’! We’re ready for you!

1. I have faith that everything will work out better for me in the coming year 2. I trust the timing of my life and accept what I can’t change 3. I am now stronger because of everything I’ve gone through 4. I am capable of loving and I’m allowing myself to be loved 5. My marriage will be a beautiful adventure! 6. My family will be safe and happy 7. I choose faith over fear no matter what 8. I will live my best life everyday 9. I will never quit 10. I will win in 2021!


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