Pretty Gift Ideas for Every Woman in Your Life

We are just a few days away from Christmas! Have you completed your gift list yet? If you haven’t, don’t fret! We’ve rounded-up a list of pretty dazzling and chic pieces from By Janna, a local online jewelry store created by our very own Bride and Breakfast founder Janna Simpao. Every woman in your life would love to receive these pieces for Christmas (yep, even your MIL!). Check out some of the affordable and quality pieces below.

Pretty Gift Ideas for Every Woman in Your Life

(Layout) For Your Newly Engaged Friend:

There’s nothing a set of pearls can’t elevate. Help your friend dress to impress during her engagement season with any of these picks!


(Layout) For Your Sister with a Simple Style:

If subtle is the name of the game, these matte gold hoops are just the perfect mix of simple and elegant. How about throwing in a few sparkles in her bangles, too? Your sister will be party-ready in no time!


(Layout) For Your Chic Mother-in-Law:

It’s easy to panic when looking for a gift for your mother-in-law. “Will she like it? Where will she wear it? Will this make her happy?” are just some questions that will surely play on loop in your mind. So, here’s a piece of advice. Always give something timeless, elegant, and of quality, just like these baroque pearl earrings and necklace. You can opt for a pearl-crusted hoops for an added oomph!


(Layout) For Your Hip Best Friend:

With only a limited number for these pieces, your best friend will definitely standout. Unmatched pair of earrings, a unique dangling piece, and a gold lock chain necklace, she’ll for sure ask you where you bought it from so she can buy her own pieces, too!


(Layout) For Your Self:

The most important person to gift this Christmas is you. After all the struggles that you had to overcome and for all the hard work you had to put in, treat yourself for a job well done! You survived, babe!

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