11.11 Wish List: Add to Cart and Surprise Your Other Half with a Gift They Would Love!

Since you probably already have a couple of items waiting in your cart, why not add a thing or two for that special someone? Even if there is no upcoming occasion to celebrate, the thoughtful surprise would be much appreciated after a long workweek or a trivial spat. If there’s anything we’ve learned in the past few months, it is to wholeheartedly express our love and appreciation to the ones who matter most. If gift-giving is also your love language, then the upcoming 11.11 sale is the best time to online shop, stock up on gifts, and save from the discounts and shared shipping costs. To save time from scrolling through the endless options, we’ve grouped together some of the sweet deals we spotted so that you can easily pick something out for your significant other. Do remember that you have to wait until November 11 to complete your order to avail of most of the discounts. Happy shopping!

Our 11.11 Wish List: Add to Cart and Surprise Your Other Half with a Gift They Would Love!

Self Care

Creativity is key when it comes to finding ways to relax and recharge in the middle of a pandemic. Without the option of a spa weekend or a family vacation, you really have to make the effort to ensure your mental and physical needs are taken care of. Remind your partner of the importance of self-care by gifting something that would push him or her in the right direction.


Kemling Multi-Function Therapeutic Massager

Photo: Lazada | Store: Kemling | Regular Price: PHP 2,499 | Sale Price: PHP 829


Healthy Human Stein

Photo: Lazada | Store: Healthy Human | Regular Price: PHP 1,150 | Sale Price: PHP 920


The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

Photo: Lazada | Store: NANA Mall | Regular Price: PHP 600 | Sale Price: PHP 460


Cooking & Baking

If your partner was one of the many home cooks and bakers who unlocked their culinary skills while on lockdown, there must be some kitchen tools or equipment they discovered they needed while learning their way around the kitchen. Try and recall if there was ever a dish they wanted prepare that required a specific kitchen tool and scan some shops for it. You can even go the extra mile and order the ingredients needed for the dish so your personal chef can finally experiment with it!


Slique Premium Glass Baking Dish

Photo: Lazada | Store: Sunbeams Lifestyle | Regular Price: PHP 399 | Sale Price: PHP 160


11-piece Kitchen Knife and Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Photo: Lazada | Store: Ledstar PH | Regular Price: PHP 2,199 | Sale Price: PHP 1,467


Omega Crumpet Plastic French Press with Stainless Steel Filter

Photo: Lazada | Store: Omega Houseware | Regular Price: PHP 280 | Sale Price: PHP 270


Health & Fitness

Despite the closure of gyms during the earlier days of quarantine, those committed to an active and healthy lifestyle did not stop their exercise routines and meal plans. If this sounds a lot like your partner, then work out equipment and natural supplements that will enable them to achieve their goals is a great gift idea and gesture to show your support.


Manduka Begin Yoga Mat

Photo: Lazada | Store: Manduka | Regular Price: PHP 2,950 | Sale Price: PHP 2,665


Gold Standard Whey Protein

Photo: Lazada | Store: Optimum Nutrition | Regular Price: PHP 2,370 | Sale Price: PHP 1,580


Omron Digital Weighing Scale 

Photo: Lazada | Store: Omron | Regular Price: PHP 1,550 | Sale Price: PHP 1,319


Pawrents & Pets

Couples who are longtime pawrents are quite accustomed to receiving gifts on special occasions that are addressed to them, but were really meant for the furry babies to enjoy. Look for items you know your partner has been planning to purchase for your pet and get the job done without being asked. Happy pet, happy pawrent!


Doggo Pirate Bed (Medium)

Photo: Lazada | Store: Doggo | Regular Price: PHP 1,698 | Sale Price: PHP 849


Oria Pet Nail Grinder

Photo: Lazada | Store: Oria | Regular Price: PHP 630 | Sale Price: PHP 365


Doggo Tough Tire

Photo: Lazada | Store: Doggo | Regular Price: PHP 958 | Sale Price: PHP 435



If your partner works in tech or just really enjoys tinkering with the latest gadgets, a small device that can seamlessly fit into his or her lifestyle is recommended. There are tons of less-known brands to explore and research when shopping on a budget. While some perform even better than the popular brands, there are also some imitation products that don’t perform at all being sold in the market. Be sure to read reviews and compare specs before purchasing.


Xiaomi Vertical Wireless Charger

Photo: Lazada | Store: ZMI Online Store | Regular Price: PHP 1,588 | Sale Price: PHP 873


Bavin 2 Meter Fast Charging Data Cable

Photo: Lazada | Store: Bavin | Regular Price: PHP 299 | Sale Price: PHP 179


Macaron inPods Mini Wireless Bluetooth Earphones 

Photo: Lazada | Store: Linkee | Regular Price: PHP 890 | Sale Price: PHP 299


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