Practical Married Life Items You Should Consider for Your Home as Recommended by Newlyweds!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year to prepare your shopping list! If you’re thinking of what to include in your gift registry or are about to go Christmas shopping to prepare for your life together as husband and wife, we have a list of recommendations for you! We asked a couple of newlyweds about some of the best purchases they made as newlyweds and why these items make their married lives so much easier. Start jotting these down on your wish list!

Practical Married Life Items You Should Consider for Your Home as Recommended by Newlyweds!

Daniela says:
“We bought an Instant Pot, because this is best for condo dwellers especially if you don’t have a helper. Also a NutriBullet, Hurom slow juicer, clothes drawers from Muji, shoe drawers from AllHome, bathroom drawers to organize ‘his’ and ‘hers’ stuff, and a Xiaomi air purifier.”


Tanya says:
“We got a Prayer plant, because my husband thinks plants make our space seem brighter and lighter. It also helps clean the air and lessens my allergy attacks. We also bought a new set of plates. It’s something simple to signify new beginnings for us.”


Mica says:
“Top priority to purchase during our first month was anything that would make us efficient in our work from home arrangement. One of the furniture pieces that we consider a good buy is our custom loft bed. We thought of maximizing our space because we need to adjust with WFH. Plus tables, and ergonomic chairs.”


Jacqui says:
“We got an air fryer, because it helps us cook healthier food. We don’t need to use oil! You can bake or simply heat food in it. I don’t even have to use my oven anymore.”


Pia says:
“I swear by our air purifier! I used to have asthma attacks when we used to live in a condo, but because of our air purifier, I can now breathe better. It’s also very helpful in removing the smell of cooked food especially when you live in a condo.”


Kate says:
“One of our very first purchases as newlyweds was an electric kettle. We didn’t have a heater installed in our bathroom yet earlier this year, that’s why an electric kettle was essential so we’d have warm water for baths!”


Kitti says:
“We bought an Instax printer before our honeymoon trip to Europe. We had our trip before the lockdowns started. As avid fans of Instax printouts (we used to take heaps of them during our past trips), and foreseeing we couldn’t take as much Instax shots there as opposed to taking pics from our phones to avoid the attention of pickpockets and the like, we knew we had to get one. We could simply take photos using our phones as per usual and print a selected few once we got home or whenever we had free time. Our wedding officiant’s homily also centered on making at least one happy memory every day so this purchase definitely makes it easier to create a tangible memory during the different highlights in our married life.”


Rizza says:
“One of the best buys I’ve made after getting married is a Tefal pan from their Titanium line. Since it’s just us two right now, we both do the cleaning and cooking. It used to take me forever (binababad ko pa overnight) to clean my old ‘non-stick’ pan. With my Tefal pan, cleaning is a breeze and it hasn’t lost its non-stick quality. Invest in great cookware. It will last you a long time and you won’t have to waste time and energy scrubbing it clean.”

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