Brides, Here’s What Your Fiance Really Wants You to Know

Brides-to-be are often seen as more hands on compared with her fiancé in wedding planning. This usually becomes the cause of both small and big arguments between the two. However, this doesn’t mean that grooms-to-be don’t see their partners’ effort in making their dream wedding come true. To help clear the air, we asked grooms to share with us what they really want to tell their soon-to-be wife amidst all the nitty gritty details and the stress that comes in planning and preparation! Here’s a fair warning: these are a lot sweeter than you expect!

Brides, Here's What Your Fiance Really Wants You to Know

(Layout) “I am here to support you.” – Anthony, groom

“I will support her with whatever her plans are for the wedding. Everything that she wishes for is also my wish, because what’s important for me is for us to get married. I hope she always knows that I am always here to support her, wedding planning or otherwise.”


(Layout) “I trust your vision.” – Jervy, groom

“I am equally thrilled and excited that we are getting married. It is also true that my fiancée is more hands on with the planning of our wedding. One thing that I always tell her is that it will be the best day of our lives and I trust her vision. I want her to do whatever she wants in our wedding and I will support her all the way. I want her to be the happiest woman on that day and everyday.”


(Layout) "I got this." – Ian, groom

“My fianceé is an innate planner and a great one too. Wedding planning is a piece of cake for her; I even think she can make a profit out of it someday. But for now, she has her game face on for our own wedding. However, great as she is, she still has other responsibilities that sometimes she has too much on her plate. That’s when I step up, do some heavy lifting of my own, wedding planning wise, and tell her I got this.”


(Layout) “Just have fun in planning.” – Nico, groom

“It’s true that I’m not as hands-on as she is, but I usually tell my fiancée to just have fun in planning and not stress so much about things. I always make her feel my presence in making decisions. She does know that she can always come to me if she’s in a dilemma about things, and then we’d talk things over and eventually come to a decision that we would both be happy with.”


(Layout) “The way you deal with it is amazing.” – DJ, groom

“I just feel fortunate that I have her in my life. It’s two months before the wedding, and the way she deals with it is amazing. I am very grateful that she said YES to be my future wife. I look forward to being with her everyday.”

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