Married Couples Share Their Best Investment as Newlyweds

One of the benefits of getting married is having someone to share decision-making with for the rest of your life. One of the first and more important decisions that a newlywed couple have to make is where to put and invest their savings, along with the monetary gifts they received from their wedding. We asked married couples to share their best first investment as a married couple, hoping that it will help you evaluate your priorities as a married couple, too!

(Layout with photo) Land in Lipa and Condo in Tagaytay - Nikko and Luvlee, 1 year and 7 months married

“We placed almost all pakimkims (monetary gifts on our wedding) to this land in Lipa. It was pre-selling way back then and we are happy that we availed of it. We also have another investment, a condo in Tagaytay that we already started investing on during our wedding preparations. We are happy that it was already turned over to us, too! We believe that these are wise investments because we can create special moments with each other in a place we can call our own home.”


(Layout with photo) Condo Unit - Ranie and Krista, 2 years married

“Though technically it isn’t earning for us yet, our best investment so far has been our condo unit. In lieu of a car or a super big wedding or honeymoon, we opted to start paying for it even before we got married. So we had our own “space” already after marriage and that helped us ease into the “we’re now married” mindset. Our plan is to rent it out eventually as an additional income stream.”


(Layout with photo) Home’s Interior Design - Abel and Jeddah, 5 years married

“My parents built our house as a gift for our wedding. They said they intended to build only its structure because my husband and I should be the one responsible to finance and manage its interior design and finishing. This is our best investment because we learned, we argued, we laughed, and we both feel relieved every time we finish a house-related project. We learned that in every decision that we made, we need to consult each other and also consider the budget and time constraints. We also learned in the process that our house is like our married life; it’s always a work in progress.”


(Layout with photo) Family Vehicle - Jerome and Cindy, 10 years married

“When we got married, one of us still had to continue working in Manila, and the other in Batangas. We already had a land to our name but we agreed that we didn’t need a house yet. The most ideal investment for us was to buy a family vehicle so we can easily spend time during the weekends and we can fulfill our shared love for seeing different places. When we already had our firstborn, we were also able to use the vehicle a lot to bring her to places we want her to see and also to spend quality time with her.”


(Layout with photo) Life Insurance - Enrico and Claudette, 13 years married

“Purchasing a life insurance is one of the best investments we made as a married couple, because it protects our family’s future from unexpected incidents. It also serves as an emergency fund. It will secure our family financially especially our children’s needs like education.”


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