Wedding Reception Games That Will Get All Your Online Guests Participating!

Planning your reception livestream? Throw in some fun games in your lineup. Games are a great way to make all of your wedding guests feel included whether they’re with you in-person or participating over a video call. You can even raise the stakes by sending gifts to the guests who win the games. To help you out, here are some ideas you can include for your online wedding program. Enjoy!

Wedding Reception Games That Will Get All Your Online Guests Participating!

(Layout) Bride and Groom Trivia

This is an excellent ice breaker and it will surely get everyone laughing! Your closest friends and relatives are bound to bring out their competitive side, too. Prepare a list of questions about you as a couple. You can read the questions aloud, and have your guests write their answers. The guest with the most number of correct answers wins the game. Another option is to pre-assign your guests into teams, and create group chats for each team. Make it more interesting by mixing-up the groups and spreading out your family members, work colleagues, and school friends. Once the teams are assigned, they can use the group chat to talk about their answers. A representative from each team will then say the answer aloud in the video call. You can even divide the game into three rounds based on difficulty.


(Layout) Wedding Guest Bingo

Here’s another idea that can engage your guests all throughout your livestream program. You can make a bingo template with categories that fit your online event. Be creative about the prompts you place in the squares like the first person who cries during the father of the bride’s speech, the one who gets a frozen screen, the guest whose pets popped in their video, and more! Guests can fill out the cards with the name of the person they identified for each prompt. The first guest to get a Bingo wins the game. Don’t forget to send the bingo cards to your guests at least five minutes before the program starts.


(Layout) Guess the Title of the Love Song

This is an easy and exciting game that everyone, especially music-lovers, will enjoy. Compile all your favorite love songs in one playlist. Play the first few seconds and have your guests figure out what the song title is. Ask them to write their answers on any sheet of paper and hold it up to the screen. You can also use the chat function and have your coordinator, or an assigned member of the bridal party, check to see who types the correct answer first.


(Layout) Stand Up or Sit Down

Here’s a fun game where the guests can get to know each other more. Prepare a list of categories or statements that can describe your guests along with the corresponding actions stand up or sit down. You can also opt to have the guests raise their hands instead if that’s more accessible. Start eliminating participants by having them sit down, or put their hands down, if they match the statement. Here’s an example: if you went to college with the bride, sit down.


(Layout) Locate the Bride/Groom

This game is a great idea especially if you love to travel! Collect some of your old travel photos whether together as a couple, solo trips, or family vacations. Flash each one on the screen and have your guests guess which country or destination that photo was taken. This is also an opportunity for you to reminisce and share memorable travel stories!


(Layout) Scavenger Hunt at Home

Think of this as the wedding version of the “Bring Me” game. Create a list of items your guests can find in their own homes. The first one to return to their screens with the item you ask for wins the round. This is an easy game that doesn’t require much preparation on your end, but it will surely get your guests moving and participating! Some of the items you can have them look for could be a bottle of wine, a package recently delivered, cloth masks or a coffee mug. Think of as many unique items as you can to really get them searching.

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