What the Pandemic Taught Us About Love, According to These Frontline Couples

During this global pandemic, we are facing the disarray that has rattled and changed our usual routines. People are staying at home and are socially distant from each other, putting personal connections to the test. While most of us stay in our own homes, some people are outside working in the frontline. These first responders are not just exposed to the risks of the virus, but are also fighting every personal worry and anxiety that comes with it. So, while all this is happening, how do they manage to keep their relationships alive and growing? 

We interviewed three couples who are working and battling in the frontline, yet have managed to sustain their relationship and fondness for each other despite the ambiguity and threats it confronts.

What the Pandemic Taught Us About Love, According to These Frontline Couples


Meet the couples who are working in the frontline:

1. Bea is a policewoman assigned in the Women and Children Protection Center, while Miguel is a first-year Radiology Resident in a Private Hospital in Pasig City. Bea and Miguel have been together in love for almost nine years and have been going strong since. 

2. Kristine is a senior-year Resident in Obstetrics and Gynecology in a Quezon City Government Hospital, and Paolo is an Orthopedic Surgeon practicing mainly in Bohol, with a bit of private practice in Quezon City. Kristine and Paolo have been together for five years and are supposed to get married in May this year, but they postponed it to a later date this year. 

3. Mau is a Registered Nurse in a hospital in the United Arab Emirates, while Allan is an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) here in the Philippines. Mau and Allan have been in a long-distance relationship since 2017. They were also meant to get married this year for their 10th anniversary but had to postpone their wedding plans. 


Here are the five love lessons from these couples:


With all the uncertainties and obscurity, you need to make your partner feel that what you have is certain. Consistently make them feel your presence, care, and love in these trying times. Especially with the stress and anxiety that they endure in their daily challenges, it is nice to have someone who gives you constant comfort and assurance that all will be okay. 

(Layout) "Be there for your fiancé, no matter what, where, when, or how (via zoom?). Simply make your presence felt – as that is the point anyway, wedding or no wedding.” – Paolo and Kristine

(Layout) “Be present, both physically and mentally, pay attention to your partner at all times, and not be distracted by any other things when you are with them. Always hold on to one another for better or for worse.” - Allan and Mau


Yes, communication and understanding are just some of the ‘basics’ of a relationship. But in this time of crisis, these ‘basics’ become an integral part of every connection. Meaning to say, we need to put in an extra effort in listening to and understanding our partner. Be ‘extra’ patient, and respect your partner, particularly when he/she is facing a lot of pressure and uneasiness at work, or in life, in general. 


(Layout) “This pandemic has taught us to be more understanding with each other. We learned how to set aside our personal needs/issues as a couple since we need to prioritize our responsibilities as front liners. The key lang talaga is to understand each other and have constant communication.” - Miguel and Bea


(Layout) “But at the end of the day, with the power of openness, communication, the right words, we can resolve and deal with these issues and work out on our indifferences for our growth and hold on to each other even during these pressing times.” - Allan and Mau


The clock is ticking, and with the invisible virus still on the loose, every minute counts. Cherish every moment that you have together and empower the connection. Make them feel your love. We need to learn to look at the positive side of things and look for the glimmer of hope, even when it almost seems impossible. It will make us live our lives differently. 


(Layout) “Parang samin hindi na namin masyadong ininda yung COVID, except for the fact that we are both exposed. Pero mas na-appreciate at minahal ko siya kasi alam kong hindi madali ang trabaho niya pero he still endures it. Yung lack of time namin for each other, hindi na issue as long as continuous yung communication namin, and he visits me whenever he can, and I do the same. We treasure every moment together, especially with our line of work.” - Miguel and Bea


The challenges we are facing are not only helping us get to know our partner more, but it is also teaching us to hold on, to have faith, and to love even more. Trusting that you can survive anything that will come your way, as long as you have one another, can go a long way for your relationship.


(Layout) “With us being placed in this situation, it helped us to develop ourselves to be more trusting, respecting, and forming good and consistent communication for us to bridge the unknown and uncertainties this situation brings. Also, we learned to be more focused on establishing our strength to commit faithfully and untiringly to make the relationship work even when things turn out to be difficult.” - Allan and Mau


(Layout) “I can, however, attest that everything that has and is also happening is making Paolo and me stronger both as individuals and as life partners. I am always grateful that despite the exceptional difficulty in our line of work during these times, we find purpose and fulfillment in our calling.” - Paolo and Kristine


Amidst the negativity and the unpredictable that this current pandemic has brought, your love for each other should prevail. Okay, you may have to wait, change, cancel your plans, or your current situation may look different, but your passionate relationship should remain the same. This pandemic will not break relationships but will make relationships stronger. The love that we share towards each other is essential and should always be on the front line, as well. So, stay strong and spread the love!  


(Layout) “While we thought we had planned enough for 2020 – the year of our wedding – the pandemic was not an eventuality we considered. Thankfully, since our ‘desired goal’ remained clear for both of us, that currently is seeing us through the unexpected hardships. While we still do our best to plan (they rescheduled their wedding to the end of the year), we have become more accepting of things beyond our control, and learned to better improvise along the way.” – Paolo and Kristine


(Layout) “The pandemic pretty much has caused a hiatus on our wedding plans. The supposed wedding date coincides with our 10th anniversary, but despite the turn of events, we still maintain a positive outlook, and we know that God is in control. This outlook into our lives makes us delve and cultivate into a deeper, stronger, and more meaningful relationship between us.” – Allan and Mau

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