Why Should You Consider a Breakfast Wedding?

With minimonies and intimate weddings overflowing this year, it’s no secret that couples have been thinking of the simplest but most creative ways to seal their promise of forever–and a breakfast wedding is one of them! In this article, we give you more reasons to consider a breakfast wedding.

(Layout) It’s homey and hearty.

We all have memories of breakfast prepared by our parents or grandparents when we were young. It’s been a part of our everyday, and this is what makes it all the more special and personal. All these, plus the simplicity in its preparation makes breakfast a practical choice for a wedding! Imagine recreating your home’s traditional way of doing breakfast–you’re in for a special celebration!


(Layout) It’s the perfect metaphor.

The dawn of a new day is the perfect metaphor for starting a new chapter in your life. Since you’re going to make the promise of a lifetime in front of the man of your dreams and the people whom you love, why not invite the sunrise and the cool breeze to be your witnesses, too?


(Layout) Mornings set the tone of the day.

Every morning offers a unique kind of calm. Not everyone in the neighborhood is awake and you haven’t actually done anything yet to feel tired or stressed. So what you do in the morning sets you up for the rest of your day! You may opt for acoustic music or just enjoy the sound of nature–your wedding day, your rules.


(Layout) It’s an excuse to get a good destination.

Your home and your backyard are the perfect places to relive your breakfast memories, but the time of the day is also a good excuse for you to look for a unique location! Think highland destinations that will make you look at a scenic view while you say “I do.”


(Layout) You’ll get to showcase our local food!

A breakfast wedding in the Philippines wouldn’t be it if there were no good Pinoy breakfast food in sight! We have a wide array to choose from–our famous –silog meals, champorado and tuyo, lugaw, and of course, pan de sal! It’s also the perfect time for you to showcase your local culture through food! If you wish to incorporate breakfast around the world, then you can never go wrong with pancakes and toasts with jams and fruits! (Plus point: breakfast food won’t break your bank!)


(Layout) There’s free flowing coffee!

Have you always wanted to have a cup of coffee right after you had your first cup in the morning? A breakfast wedding gives you a free pass to free flowing coffee! It’s always a good idea to sit down, talk to loved ones at the beginning of the day, while having a cup (or two!) of coffee with you. Also, you can always incorporate this in your traditional wedding toast as a substitute for wine! (Just in case you’re not a coffee type of couple, hot chocolate or hot tea will do the trick!)


(Layout) You get to celebrate the rest of your wedding day!

A breakfast wedding should end before lunch time, so you and your groom can have plenty of time to relax after the wedding and enjoy the rest your wedding day! It’s not everyday you get to say “Today is my wedding day,” so wouldn’t it be fun to plan something fun, memorable, and adventurous outside your wedding dress?


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