Try This at Home: Easy Teeth Whitening in Just 16 Minutes!

We all need some self-love especially during this pandemic. With so many things we can’t control, we can focus on what we can instead, like how we feel about ourselves and how confidently we can smile at others. Whether you’re working on your looks for an upcoming wedding, investing on your smile for your Zoom meetings, or just for everyday self-love, our friends from Holo introduce a home teeth whitening kit you’ll surely love! It’s all about small wins at this point and our team is so ready to try the Holo Teeth Whitening Kit in the safety of our homes!

Andee Torres
"I'm looking for something simple, quick, and effective." Alyssa Enriquez
"I have a wedding coming up and of course I want to look my best in the photos." Renzo Cosico
"The price is very affordable so I wanted to see if it lived up to the hype." Micki Josue
"I've always wanted to get a teeth whitening treatment at the dentist but never really got to. I want to see if this works."

Here’s a simple 4-step guide to whitening your teeth at home!

Step 1. Brush your teeth. You can use a towel or some tissue paper to dry your teeth and gums to lessen the saliva that can dilute the whitening gel.

Step 2. Twist the Holo Pen counterclockwise to release the teeth whitening gel. It may take 10-30 twists for your first use. Apply a thick coat of gel on each visible tooth. (Do not apply on the back of your teeth, and on your back teeth.)

Step 3. Plug the Holo mouthpiece into your cellphone and wear the mouthpiece. The light will turn off automatically after 16 minutes.

Step 4. Go and smile your biggest for all the world to see!









It's very convenient, easy to use, and comfortable “I found the process to be really easy and convenient. It’s also not messy at all. The gel applicator is so user friendly and the mouthpiece is also comfortable. I was surprised that it fit really well.” – Micki


It's very simple and effective!

“The process was such a pleasant experience. I love that the process was simple, quick, and smooth. And painless! I did mine at night before going to bed and I loved the simplicity. It fits right into your daily night routine of brushing your teeth before bed.” – Andee

“I immediately saw visible results after my first try!” – Alyssa

“I would recommend it because of its convenience as compared to visiting the dentist. Although I’m sure there are plenty safety precautions in place, I’m much more comfortable doing the process in the comfort of my home so I’m glad Holo gives that option.” -Alyssa

It allows us to multi-task

“Very convenient and not a hassle at all! It allowed me to do other productive things while waiting for the light to turn off.” -Renzo

“I especially liked that I could multi-task and still be productive. It’s not 16 minutes wasted in my day.” -Alyssa

“Really big plus that it doesn’t take too much time to do. It’s perfect for people (like me) who don’t really have a lot of “beauty routines” and are looking for something simple, quick, and effective.” -Andee


(Header) Final Verdict: Definitely upgrade your self-care routine with Holo!
Holo effectively whitens and brightens your teeth in just 1 week. It removes the stains that have accumulated over time and it whitens teeth safely and without pain. The gel formula of Holo is 100% vegan, cruelty-fee, SLS-free, and paraben-free. Try it out! Teeth whitening is an effective way to upgrade your look with minimal effort, and Holo is the way to do it. Visit their website to get yours!

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