We Ask Suppliers: How Are You Handling Weddings During the Pandemic?

During this pandemic the big question is, “Can I still have my dream wedding?” To give us an update and share some insights on how weddings are being handled in the middle of Covid-19, we asked a wedding planner, a caterer, a fashion designer, and an event stylist about their own experiences and the changes they’ve been making so they can continue to help couples push through with their weddings. Please continue to stay updated on the latest guidelines together with your suppliers especially if stricter quarantine measures are placed in your area.

We Ask Suppliers: How Are You Handling Weddings During the Pandemic?

The Weekend Planner, Wedding Planner

For The Weekend Planner, all meetings have been moved online including sourcing and meeting with their couples’ suppliers. Though they have to meet with their clients virtually, their team still makes it a point to establish meaningful connections and conversations in order to get to know the couples’ tastes and preferences.

On the day of weddings, The Weekend Planner team adapt their strategies according to safety protocols as well.

(Pull-quote layout) “Before the event itself, we make it a point to remind the guests to wear masks and practice social distancing during the event either through text or an infographic in the couple's event page. On the day itself, we require less staff than usual to allow our couple to invite more, of course, still within the guideline set.”

Photography by Sherard Yu

(Pull-quote layout) “Suppliers have less staff which means that they need to shoulder more tasks/multitask whenever necessary. There was this particular instance when our head coordinator also had to act as a part-time bell boy during the preps since the hotel only allowed their staff to bring the trolley to a certain point to minimize the number of people walking around the hallways.”

The first question The Weekend Planner ask their couples is if they would be really happy with an intimate wedding instead of rescheduling to a later date. For those who decide to push through with an intimate wedding, their team helps manage the couple’s expectations and prepare them for sudden changes along the way, since community quarantine guidelines also change at any given time. During the Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine, it’s still possible to have a wedding but with stricter restrictions. If your area is placed under MECQ, only up to 5 people are allowed to gather. It will be a micro-ceremony with the priest, the couple, and the parents of the couple.

(Pull-quote layout) “We always remind them that they are the most important people on their wedding day and any adjustment to be done should still make them happy. Having a GCQ/MGCQ wedding should not feel less than their initially planned dream wedding.”


(Header)Rosenthal Tee, Fashion Designer

Consultations and design drafting are still ongoing for Fashion Designer Rosenthal Tee over video calls. Even choosing fabric is done online nowadays. Being a trusted designer by many, Rosenthal Tee’s clients know that she will always give them the most suitable options even if they can’t go over fabric choices in person right now. When there is a need for brides to visit her studio for fittings, she and her team are equipped with the proper personal protective equipment such as face shields and masks. Her studio undergoes regular disinfection as well.

Photography by: Metrophoto

(Pull-quote layout) "In terms of fittings, there really is no way around it except to do it personally. As a way to limit interaction between my staff and clients, I try to complete the fittings personally without having them in close proximity until needed. Knowing how to do a proper fitting is very much something that has been engrained in my training as a designer.”

Photography by: Atlas Studios

Since intimate weddings are usually more simplified during this pandemic, dress designs are also pared down. But even if the designs are simpler, the quality of silk and lace which Rosenthal uses still makes her bride’s dresses top-rated pieces which can stand the test of time.

Photography by Dan Fugrad

(Pull-quote layout) “Focus on love and I will focus on your fit! Our intimate weddings run the gamut of tea-length dresses to just, at most, one-half meter length trains with a focal detail of bows and buttons or minimal use of lace as accents.”


(Header) K by Cunanan, Caterer

K by Cunanan knew they needed to make changes in the way they normally operate to adapt to a new normal of catering weddings during this pandemic. They made sure that safety is always first for their clients and staff. Though the uncertainty of the situation makes it harder for suppliers to go about their operations, what’s important is to be flexible and to be informed.

Photography by Toto Villaruel and Nicolai Melicor

One of their memorable experiences recently was of a couple whose wedding was affected by the Taal eruption and Covid-19. This led the couple to reassess what truly mattered to them and ended up pushing through with just 10 guests for an intimate wedding.

(Pull-quote layout) "As a caterer, we're so used to big boozy wedding receptions and handling tipsy guests all night long. But in that couple's wedding, what struck us the most was how drunk in love they were. We know it's a simple story but it's refreshing to be reminded that your big day doesn't have to be grand for it to mean something. In all its simplicity, an intimate wedding really brings out the essence of the celebration and the sacrament― and that is love. And at a time like this, most especially, that is all we need.”

Photography by Toto Villaruel and Nicolai Melicor

(Pull-quote layout) “We aim to bring joy through our food and setup just as much as before. But more than that, we want everyone to feel safe and comfortable with our service. For us, this means taking a series of extra precautionary measures beyond temperature checks. Chairs and tables, for instance, will now be limited and well-spaced. Same goes with our staff and we will only have a number present based on the basic requirements of the event. Though this may be the case, this doesn't mean that we’ll scrimp on styling― maybe just a bit more personal and minimalistic.”

Photography by Toto Villaruel and Nicolai Melicor

K by Cunanan also reassures their couples that they are ready to support any changes they would have to make in their wedding plans. Knowing that this is a confusing time for everyone, they would like to help ease couples’ worries and stress.

Photography by Toto Villaruel and Nicolai Melicor

(Pull-quote layout) "Now more than ever, it is important to ease our clients' worries about food safety. Hence, we thought installing sneeze guards around each buffet dish might help. We will also have the appetizers served per table as opposed to the usual pass around. This may not be how things normally go but our commitment to serve delicious and heartwarming dishes remains the same."


(Header) First of April Designs, Event Stylist

Adhering to quarantine protocols of the local government of Cebu, First of April Designs had to lessen their team’s manpower for decorating by 70%. Since there was also a curfew in their province, they made it a point to ask their clients and the venue operators to include take down and pack-up time on the day of the event so that couples and suppliers won’t have to feel rushed. One of the main issues they had to solve, however, was sourcing flowers.

Photography by: Helium Hearts

(Pull-quote layout)“Sourcing flowers has been the most challenging for us. We are based in Cebu so flowers have to be shipped out. During one of the weddings we handled, the airline shipment got cancelled two days before the event. We had to find local flowers that would still match the bride’s design, giving us only one day to source locally with strict checkpoints implemented between cities."

Photo taken before COVID-19 quarantine

(Pull-quote layout) “With the sparse table arrangements, we want our décor to feel like they are still close together and encourage connection despite the distance.”

Despite these adjustments, your wedding can still reflect what you envisioned on your mood board and who you are as a couple with some personal touches and some creativity.

Photo taken before COVID 19 quarantine

(Pull-quote layout) “Anything goes. Cut yourself some slack on perfection and give your confidence and trust to us, your hired team, to do the best we can with whatever resources we have available regardless of government protocols. We have your back!”

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