Every Soon-to-Wed Can Relate to This Couple’s Struggle to Get Married

No matter how well Anton and Sofia planned their two weddings, everything suddenly were put on hold with uncertainty replacing all of their excitement. They went back and forth with options, tried this and that just to make it all come together even though they knew things won’t be how they imagined it to be. “Should we push through? How about my family in the province? Who will walk me down the aisle?” were some questions that they had to make peace with. Finally, when they decided as a couple that what was most important to them was the blessing of the Church, they threw all of their original plans out the window and went ahead to get married with less than 10 guests as witnesses. Anton and Sofia decided to walk down the aisle together, hand in hand, staying hopeful that this new chapter in their lives will bring them a new type of hope and joy.

Prepare your tissues as you watch the wedding film beautifully done by Jason Magbanua. To all soon-to-weds, there is hope. Draw inspiration from the story and photos of Anton and Sofia, shot by Chissai Bautista of Team Pat Dy!

"Anton and I had planned two ceremonies for Manila and Cebu. Both were supposed to happen on the same week last March 2020. About a week before the lockdown, we initially called off Cebu as it would be the bigger celebration. However, our Manila wedding had to get postponed as well because COVID-19 was spreading fast in Manila. It was a very stressful time especially that it all escalated close to our wedding dates when everything was already set." -Sofia, Bride

"I honesty thought I'd be depressed but really, I was more relieved as I didn't want to put guests, families, ourselves and our suppliers at risk. I was in the state of wanting the wedding to be over with already." -Sofia, Bride

"The people around us were suggesting that we should get civilly married. However, when we consulted with a family priest, he suggested to get the church ceremony over with already as we were both Catholics and so that God's Grace will be with us through our marriage. It was just tough that my family couldn't be here for our church ceremony, but then at the end of the day, our family priest encouraged us that it was about us and that we can celebrate and have the garden ceremony any time when things are better." -Sofia, Bride

"Anton and I both agreed, although I knew it would be impossible for my family to fly here. When I would catch up and talk to my parents in Cebu, they still encouraged us to push through and not feel bad about it. There will be a time to celebrate and have a ceremony there." -Sofia, Bride

"It took us less than a week to make it happen. Our suppliers were free and we also became their first clients post-ECQ. We called a florist a day before, made a playlist, and even contacted a technician to do a sound check. It was quick and easy and yes, not stressful at all. We were getting excited again that it really is happening." -Sofia, Bride

"I love how it was so intimate. My full focus was on Anton and the meaning of the ceremony. It really became about the core of it all. We even got ready together; laughing and crying and it was just really sweet. The whole time at the church we were both very comfortable and relaxed with each other. We couldn't stop smiling at each other and we even walked to the altar together. We wanted this ceremony to be between us and God and that's how it really was." -Sofia, Bride

"We still want to have the ceremony and celebration with family and friends in Cebu. We aren't pressured to look at a date yet so we will just wait. I guess it's something to still look forward to during these dark times. However it will be, I'm just looking forward to celebrate and be with family and friends." -Sofia, Bride

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Videographer: Jason Magbanua / Photographer: Chissai Bautista / Ceremony Venue: Santuario de San Antonio
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