Rescheduling Your Wedding Date: Initial Steps to Take According to Wedding Professionals

Uncertainty is the biggest enemy of soon-to-weds in this current time of COVID-19. It’s easy to lose focus and feel overwhelmed with everything that’s happening, but it’s good that there’s a movement initiated by wedding professionals to remind couples that their wedding day will still happen. A group of wedding suppliers who believe that #loveisimmune shares with us some practical tips and reminders on how you can navigate your way to successfully rescheduling your wedding day.

#Loveisimmune is a movement initiated by wedding suppliers to encourage couples not to lose heart because their dream wedding will still happen. 

Rescheduling Your Wedding Date: Initial Steps to Take According to Wedding Professionals

Pause and Relax
The lockdown feels like an eternity especially when you’re feeling afraid and overwhelmed. Remember, this situation we are in is just temporary. Your dream wedding will still happen no matter what!


Consider a Weekday Wedding
Be open to rescheduling your wedding on an off-day. There’s a probability that hot dates are already taken due to the big number of rebookings at the end of the year to start of 2021. Having an open mind as early as now will help you decide on your new date easier.


Align Your New Date with Your Suppliers
Moving your wedding to a different day will require you to align all the free schedules of your suppliers. This task may get very stressful but if you keep a flexible outlook, you’ll be just fine. If the original team you booked is not anymore available, you can opt to book their partners or associate. By doing so, you’ll still get the same style of work and for sure, you’ll be accommodated the best way possible.


Be Honest with Your Suppliers About Your Concerns
If you’re feeling confused on what to do, reach out to your wedding suppliers. Let them know what your concerns are because conflicts are better resolved when both parties are open to conversation. Confide with your wedding coordinator, too, since they are the ones who are best suited to help sort things out.


Help Each Other
This pandemic caught everyone by surprise—you and your wedding suppliers included. When trying to navigate your way towards getting married, kindness and an open perspective will go a long way. Instead of arguing for a refund, consider moving your wedding to the end of the year or early next year. This way, you’re helping out your wedding suppliers survive this difficult time, too. Together, let’s hope for better days and prove that #loveisimmune.

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  1. We gave ASSURANCE to all our affected clients that WE ARE WITH THEM ALL THE WAY…that their DPs and reservations are honored and we are very FLEXIBLE too of the desired new date 😍😍😍

    Hope this pandemic will end so we can continue CREATING BEAUTIFUL MOMENTS and continue DOING WHAT WE LOVE 😍

    Engr. Ralyn Tamarra Sevilla,REB
    Licensed Real Estate Broker
    Cebu Wedding Planner

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