Uncommon Engagement Shoot Themes That Will Challenge Your Creativity!

Now that you’re engaged, you’re probably excited about planning how your pre-wedding photos will look like. Will you go up a mountain to get the perfect shot, snuggle in at home for a cozy and laidback session, or go to the beach and rent surf boards as props? If you don’t have the slightest idea, today, we’re rounding up five engagement shoot ideas that will challenge your creativity and push you to be more original in your theme. We’re excited to see what you’ll come up with! Share with us your theme in the comment section below.

Uncommon Engagement Shoot Themes That will Challenge Your Creativity

Korean Drama
If you’re a fan of K-drama like Aki and Jemy, then doing a K-drama themed engagement shoot will be the dream! This couple even flew to Korea to get the perfect shots. No subtitles needed for us to understand that this shoot is a brilliant idea! May Studio framed this love story beautifully!


Doing Everyday Chores
Capturing love while doing ordinary tasks makes this engagement session standout! Paul and Angelie Jean wanted to present their love in the most honest and raw sense and we’re so happy they did. By stripping off the glam and makeup, their love story resounded loudly. Check out the shots by Gail Geriane Photography.


Kung Fu Hustle Movie
Arjano and Kheng was so in character during their shoot that their photos looked very much like outtakes from the actual Kung Fu Hustle movie. Showing their fun and playful side, this set is one for the books! JP Photograph tells the story through his photos.


Fun Run
Jeff and Mabel used their engagement shoot as a warm up to their “run to the altar”. Dressing up in their workout clothes and trading their fancy shoes for a pair of runners, this couple looked like they had loads of fun! Arvin Bartolome Photography captured their race to the finish line.


Money Heist Series
When weekend dates mean binging on your favorite Netflix series, then you can totally relate to the engagement shoot of Macky and Erika. Complete with props and a fun personality, this set by Tristan Joseph Wedding Photography  is a welcome diversion from the usual engagement themes.

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