A Scenic Engagement Shoot Off The Shores of Palawan!

Ale and Sab’s engagement shoot is the perfect visual representation of the classic cinematic words “It doesn’t matter where I am, as long as it’s with you.” Coming all the way from Europe, this couple beautifully captured their engagement in the purest blue waters and magnificent backdrops of Coron, Palawan. The pair proved that even the simplest of shoots can manifest true elegance. Sab wore a fiery orange dress and a pretty blue dress that were both complimented by Ale’s timeless white polo. Their beach-chic getup not only brought even more special attention to the couple, but it also gave appreciation to their destination engagement shoot in Palawan. With only the photographer as company, Ale and Sab definitely stood out against the scenery of rock boulders and clear waters, allowing their love to truly shine. These photos by Toto Villaruel look like they were taken out of a movie! Scroll down to see more!

Photographer: Toto Villaruel


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