6 Tips For Picking Your Wedding Cake

When it comes to wedding planning, we immediately think about the dress, venue, theme, and color scheme. But what about your wedding cake? Don’t forget that your cake can add some aesthetic value to your wedding as well. Wouldn’t you want it to look as gorgeous as the rest of your big day? The cake picking process is one that can sometimes get overlooked. That’s why we came up with some tips to help you with the hunt for your perfect wedding cake. Read on!


1. Pick the cake style after deciding on your wedding theme

Decide on the cake style after finalizing your wedding dress, reception décor, flower arrangements, venue, and even menu. Those can serve as inspirations that lead to choosing the cake design and structure that will tie in perfectly with your wedding. Make your cake be a cohesive part of your wedding, not just an extra on the side.


2. Create a mood board

Work with your cake baker to achieve the cake style or theme you’re eyeing. With a mood board in hand, you’re giving your baker an idea of not only what you want, but also what you don’t want. Add colors and styles you would love for your cake to give him/her a better grasp of what you have in mind.


3. Know the size of your venue space

Match the height and width of your cake to your wedding venue. If you’ve got a space with high ceilings, then a tall, tiered cake would look great. You can increase the cake’s stature by adding columns in between the tiers. By doing this, your wedding cake will appear grander and will look better in the spacious venue. If you’re having an intimate wedding on the other hand, then a two- to three-tiered cake would be perfect.


4. Consider the flavor (and color) of your cake

If ever chocolate or red velvet cake gets stuck in between your teeth, it’ll be more obvious compared to vanilla or butter cakes. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t choose chocolate or red velvet as your wedding cake flavor–if you love it, then by all means go for it, just be careful to check them pearly whites before flashing a smile! Speaking of flavors, don’t be afraid to explore and go bold. Lemon, coffee, coconut–there are a lot more unique flavors out there for your special day.


5. Think about the location, time, weather

If you’re holding your wedding at the beach in the afternoon during summer, then you’re going to have to think about picking fondant over buttercream for your cake’s frosting. Keep in mind that buttercream, meringue, and whipped cream melt easily, while fondant holds up better in the heat.


6. Factor in the decoration costs

The more designs on the cake, the more expensive it gets. Handmade sugar flowers, icing ribbons, hand-painted designs, etc. all contribute to higher cake rates. If you’re on a tight budget, you can opt for fresh fruits and flowers to decorate your cake–they’re equally as pretty and elegant, but friendlier on your wallet.


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