5 Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Wedding Budget

Almost every couple I meet runs into wedding budget concerns in one way or another. And most of these mistakes can actually end up putting extra strain on your relationship before, during, and even after the wedding. But the good news is that with more awareness, I feel that a lot of these mistakes can be avoided. So today, I’m detailing not just these common mistakes, but how you can come up with a solution as well.

5 Budget Mistakes Couples Make and What They Can Do to Avoid Them


Relying on Verbal Agreements with Your Suppliers

Being engaged is an exciting time and you might make the mistake of throwing agreements up in the air. Always remember to put your cost and service agreements with your suppliers on paper to protect you from additional expenses that might catch you off guard. The best way to avoid miscommunications is to really sit down with your supplier and talk about inclusions. The problem starts when a couple is slapped with extra fees they were not even aware of at the beginning of the planning.

Solution: Don’t be afraid to ask your suppliers if there are any additional expenses that might be added to the original contract so that you can also express beforehand how you want to avoid acquiring those additional fees.


Problem: Not Reading the Fine Print Properly

Again, you must remember that contracts are binding. Make sure you understand the fine print of your contract before even signing it. Many times couples don’t pay attention to this and regret it afterwards.

Solution: Check for surcharges or other things that might be added to the initial cost agreed upon. Be upfront with your suppliers that you need help in making sure your expense for their service stays within the amount agreed upon. Should their be hidden surcharges, ask them to tell you about it in the beginning so you can plan accordingly.


Problem: Not Doing Your Research

There’s a saying that you get what you pay for. Sometimes, by wanting to lower your budget or choosing a cheaper deal, you end up hiring services that may give you headaches in the long run. You end up spending double than when you upgrade or switch to other vendors.

Solution: You don’t always have to spend so much for every single thing you book–just make sure you get quality vendors that will deliver. For example, you may scrimp on your wedding dress cost only to find out a few days before that your dress is not wearable! Some brides will end up buying another dress off-the-rack just to solve the problem.

Ask your friends or other couples for their recommendations. Research in reputable websites or magazines, or ask other suppliers for feedback. Besides knowing your vendors, it’s crucial that you do your research on the final cost too. This way, you know where to hold back and where to allot more of your budget to. When couples don’t have a realistic idea of how much a wedding costs, the tendency is to end up not managing the budget well.


Problem : Borrowing What You Can’t Afford

Nowadays, everyone has the luxury of a credit card. And though having one definitely makes life easier, it also makes it easier for people to spend money they don’t have. Even when budgets are set, emotional expenses may lead to debt so early on in the wedding planning that it carries over to the marriage. It not only ruins what you intended to pay for, but also ruins the household budget you need to manage right after the wedding.

Solution: Learn to really look at your numbers and avoid emotional expenses. Set a regular time to sit down and study your budget as a couple. Accept that not every wish can be granted if your budget doesn’t permit it, but know that you have all you need to make your wedding beautiful–the two of you. The desire to make your wedding spectacular does not always equate to spending everything you’ve got. Remember that you have a new life to build and manage after the wedding.


Problem: Trying to Make Everyone Happy Without Considering the Cost

Every expense during wedding planning, whether big or small, will matter in the long run. Sometimes couples feel obligated to add more details to their wedding with the justification that it only happens once. As a result, the couple gives in to their every whim and fancy, including the requests of the people around them. In our culture where people feel too shy to say no, couples end up absorbing expenses that are way over their budget.

Solution: If the desire is to make each other happy, make an agreement that this must be done in a reasonable way. You may choose to each have an item to splurge on, but agree that some things have got to give. Balance your splurge and save items and learn how to respectfully say no to other requests. For example, if guests insist on bringing plus ones and it will affect your food budget drastically, then be willing to say that you have maxed out your extra seating expense.


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