How to Cut Down on Alcohol Costs for Your Wedding: Part II

You serve it before, during, and after the reception… can you guess what this is? Alcohol, of course! Because it’s such an integral part in most wedding celebrations–be it wine, beer, liquor, champagne–we decided to come up with a part two on the tips to cut down on alcohol costs for your wedding! Scroll on to read about these practical how-to’s: booze edition.


Surely, every couple wants to show gratitude to their sponsors and to all the people who made their wedding possible. Presenting them quality drinks is one way to give thanks to them. With this, you can choose to limit quality drinks exclusively for the sponsors’ table. And get around the more affordable yet still good quality drinks for the rest of the party!


Being restricted to one supplier means you’re being played in a monopoly. Checking out more than one, and getting a price list for the drinks are always essential. Trust us when we say you could save up to 10%, especially on premium bottles. It’s important to negotiate with suppliers, and getting free delivery is always a given! After deciding on which supplier to go with, advice him/her that you would like the drinks on consignment. This means that after your event, all your unopened bottles can still be returned, and you can get your money back.


A mixologist would be key in helping you find what drink suits you best. But if you’ve decided to take on this task yourself, then let us help you. First, spend a good amount of your budget on the drinks that will be consumed the most. Second, explore all options before deciding which ones to keep on the bar. Third, keeping variety isn’t always the better option–instead, keeping a few bottles and minimizing options could help you serve better quality drinks.


Will everyone have champagne? Before making an emotional decision, keep in mind that 100 guests will consume 20 bottles, which means it’s five glasses to a bottle. This ratio will determine your want in truly keeping the bubbly flowing. If your heart is set on it, then explore the different brands of champagne. Think outside the box, and make the fancy drink work for you.


Weddings are family affairs. Involving your sibling, brother- or sister-in-law who is free to help out could really be beneficial in terms of handling your bar. Tip: When it gets closer to your wedding date, hand them all the details, so you can be hands-free at your wedding! Also, maybe your dad, uncles, or grand-dad would be willing to give you a few of the aged bottles from his stash? Talk about teamwork.


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