14 Things Brides Usually Forget on Their Wedding Day

So your big day is just a few sleeps away! You’ve prepared for it for months, making sure that every detail is covered, delegated, and in order. But before you remove your planning hat completely, here’s a final list of things you need to double check. The last thing that you want to feel on your wedding day is that incessant nagging feeling of having forgotten something, right? So make sure that you have all these things packed and prepared before you head out to your prep venue.

14 Things Brides Usually Forget on Their Wedding Day



Shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion, deodorant, toothbrush, skin care products–these everyday basics are usually what most brides forget to pack. Buy and prepare a separate kit as if you’re preparing to go and travel. This way, you don’t forget your essentials in your home bathroom.


Tissue or Hanky

Even if you convince yourself that you will not cry when the ceremony door opens, your emotions most of the time will not agree. So just to be sure that you won’t walk down the aisle with a very wet face, make your hanky or a pack of tissue part of your must haves.


Wedding Vows

Don’t forget to slow down and have your alone time to write your vows to your soon-to-be. Remember that more than all the physical preparations and details to take care of, your wedding day is primarily a celebration of love. Honor your partner by preparing your vows ahead of time.


Invitations and other details for photos

You’ve put so much attention on all your wedding details from start to finish. Make sure your photographer gets to take shots of your pre-wedding details, too, like your wedding invites, bridesmaids gifts, and save the dates, so your wedding theme can be documented well.



Your wedding gown is ready, so are your shoes. What about your earrings, necklace, or hair accessories to finish off your bridal look? Put all these in one pouch so you don’t leave any piece behind.


Snacks and Water

When your wedding preparation starts, you’ll find yourself being pulled from one place to another–from hair and makeup to photoshoots. Make sure to pack light snacks and water in your bag to keep you hydrated and full. A grumpy and hungry bride is never a good sight.


Overnight Bag

Some brides forget to prepare for the day after the wedding. Unless you want to wear your wedding dress the morning after, pack clothes for your next day plans.


Extra Cash and Suppliers' Payments

Prepare your payment for all your suppliers ahead of time, and put them in separate envelopes. But aside from the fixed amount that you need to pay at the end of your wedding day, also bring extra cash for emergency payments. It will be very stressful for you to pay for any additional amount if you don’t have a cash buffer prepared.


Comfortable Shoes

You’ll be dancing, walking around for photos, and mingling with your friends and family non-stop. Enjoy every moment without dreading every step in your high heels. Pack some Plan B footwear that you can change into just in case.



Prepare a first aid medicine kit for emergencies. Include medicine for fever, stomach ache, allergies, some pain relievers, and even medicine for wounds. You’ll never know what you’ll need, and hey, it’s always better to be prepared!


Phone Charger

Your phone will be flooded with congratulatory texts and tagged photos on social media. You’ll want to see and reply to all these things when everything settles down, so don’t forget your plug in cord so you can recharge.



A little thank you token or letter to your suppliers and entourage will surely be appreciated. It doesn’t need to be expensive! Something thoughtful and useful for them even after your wedding day is a much better criteria for choosing what gift to give.



One thing that can possibly ruin your wedding look is if you forget your proper inner ware. If you plan to use special shapewear, make sure to pack it the night before together with your wedding dress.


Emergency Kit

A loose button, a coffee stain, or even an unexpected monthly visitor–prepare an emergency kit that can repair all the possible what ifs. Pack some sanitary napkins or tampons, a sewing kit, safety pins, and a stain and lint remover to name a few.


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