See These Breathtaking Photos of Kryz Uy and Slater Young’s Engagement Shoot!

Such fans of beautiful places and grand adventures, Slater and Kryz packed their bags, boarded a plane to Queenstown, New Zealand, and embraced the full experience of their engagement shoot. They hiked up the mountain, played with alpacas, and weathered the cold breeze together, and it was all worth it! Just look at these amazing shots from One Three One Four! The delicate pieces of Patricia Santos also added to Kryz’s feminine look that made this set so stunning. See for yourself how this love story was documented from all angles!

See These Breathtaking Photos of Kryz Uy and Slater Young's Engagement Shoot!


Why did you choose New Zealand for your engagement shoot?

Kryz: Queenstown is a place that we’ve always wanted to visit. The town’s personality is so similar to Slater and mine–relaxed, accepting, close to nature. Plus, neither of us have been there, so we took the opportunity to have a mini vacation as well!

What was your favorite location?

Kryz: Definitely Roy’s Peak in Wanaka. We rode a helicopter to get to the top, and the view was the most beautiful we’ve ever seen. Looking at the photos today still takes my breath away.

What was it like shooting with the alpacas?

Kryz: Such an experience. It was our first time with alpacas and sheep, and they are just the cutest creatures. We had to approach slowly and with caution so they wouldn’t run away. We ended up having so much fun! It was probably the most memorable experience of our whole trip!

Why did you choose to wear gowns by Patricia Santos?

Kryz: I feel like Patricia’s designs are very “me.” Delicate, feminine, and subtly sexy. I wanted to wear her designs to immortalize my personal style at this point in my life. I actually met her at a shoot just a few days before we flew out, and after a brief conversation, we realized we were both fans of each others’ work! She offered to dress me for the prenup, and immediately shipped the gowns to my Cebu address to make it in time for our flight!

What are you most excited about your wedding?

Kryz: Seeing everyone we love, celebrating love, and most importantly, saying yes (officially!) to the man of my dreams!


Photographer: One Three One Four / Wedding Dresses: Patricia Santos Atelier
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