You Can Now Turn Your Love Story Into Personalized Jewelry. Here’s How!

What’s in a name that gets all of us sentimental? Is it the unique combination of letters carefully arranged to create the perfect sound, or is it the meaning behind it that matters? For Love, Kat Jewelry, the personal story it tells and the beautiful experience it represents makes a name precious–so precious that it can be turned into a piece of premium handcrafted ambigram jewelry!

Imagine walking down the aisle with a symbol of your personal love story around your neck, or if you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for your mom, bridesmaids, or best friends, then having their stories turned into fine jewelry is a beautiful way of honoring them too. Now, you might be wondering what an ambigram is and how it is different from other personalized jewelry. Kat Nantes, the brand’s creator and designer, tells us more about it.

You Can Now Turn Your Love Story Into Personalized Jewelry. Here’s How!


"An ambigram is a kind of typographical art wherein two or more words are combined to create one image or design. The integrity of the word or image is retained even when you view it from different orientations and directions."


The Sketch

The Love, Kat Jewelry design process is a personal experience. Your story matters in creating the piece, and so they take the time to get to know who you are or for whom you wish to dedicate the piece to. Each piece is then thoughtfully sketched using a distinct font or typeface purposefully designed for you. Words, names, and shapes come together with unique strokes and flourishes.

“At Love, Kat we call our clients co-creators because we are symbolizing personal stories through every piece. I base my design on my co-creator’s preferences and experiences. You are the ones who choose which names, words, and images to combine in each piece.” says Kat.


The Stories

Whether you want to celebrate stories of love, family, friendship, or personal milestones, Love, Kat Jewelry is excited to listen. Here are some of the stories that they have beautifully transformed into premium pieces of sentimental jewelry.

Creator: Kat Her Story: Her mantra is "Love" and she takes this as a reminder to always choose to love no matter what challenges she may face. Kat's piece celebrates the milestone of finding her passion and finally having the courage to share it with others. The necklace reads "Love" and "Kat".


Co-Creator: Charina Her Story: She is a single mother of two boys: 3-year-old Cale and 1-year-old Kiev. Her piece celebrates her admirable strength as a mom and how her children are her life's greatest gifts. The necklace is a combination of "Charina", "Cale", and "Kiev".


Co-Creator: Sam Her Story: She is a loyal and loving wife to her husband Paul, who is an air force pilot. Her piece celebrates how, no matter where Paul's duty takes him, their bond will always be unbreakable. The necklace is a combination of the names "Sam" and "Paul".


The Designs

Just like the many ways you can tell your personal story, there are many ways and styles Love, Kat can design your unique ambigram piece too.

This is a combination of two names or words wherein the second word is revealed when you flip it. The name in the photo reads ‘Malu’ and then when flipped, it becomes ‘Mel’.
In this design, two or more distinct names or words can be read in one direction just by changing your perception. This photo reads both “Grace C.’ and ‘Raul’ when you read it from left to right.
The names or words in this design are combined to follow a specific shape. This white gold piece has the initials V, J, D, and D that are shaped specifically to form a five-point star.


The Material

Love, Kat Jewelry uses genuine silver and gold to bring your ambigram piece to life. This means that aside from having sentimental value, it becomes an investment piece that can be passed on from generation to generation. Go for two-toned pieces–say you want to mix rose gold and yellow gold in one piece–and come up with your very unique piece of art.


If you’re looking for a personal and sentimental gift to celebrate life’s milestones, then this should be on top of your list! #CelebrateYourStory of marriage, graduation, motherhood, and other milestones with Love, Kat Jewelry. Visit their Instagram page and Facebook Page for inquiries and orders.


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